Many know him as the “Drop This” guy, but he is more than one smash hit. Gammer is known by his fans as a dubstep/hardstyle producer with an ear keen for melodies and unique sounds he implements into his tracks. This track, released on Premiere Classe Records is no different. Let’s break down “Out With The Old” with Sam King.

The beginning is the most beautiful array of synth strings, with perfect layers of vocal hits with reverbs attached to them. Shortly after, we’re greeted with a synth overlay that sounds reminiscent of a headlining set at Ultra Music Festival or Electric Daisy Carnival, A beautiful arrangement that coexists with the beginning of the track. Soon after, the build starts and we hear small parts of the drop coming in, ever so gradually. The tagline “Out with the old, in with the new” is heard by Sam King, and madness ensues. The first drop is hard and heavy, as is to be expected by Gammer. The second build and drop is switched up into a hardstyle vibe, something to keep the crowd jumping up and down. The third drop comes in late, making the anticipation even greater.

It’s a very well put together track, the effort Gammer has put in to every single track in the past is to be admired.

Out With The Old is out now! Don’t forget to follow Gammer on his socials below!

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Posted by:Dee Jay Soup

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