Written by: Isaiah Campbell

Yup, they’re finally here. New reiterations of Herobust’s latest mosh pit material, from the likes of Kai Wachi, Gladez, Pierce, and Riot Ten. Just like Herobust said on twitter before the release, we do not want to make this a pissing match for “which remix is better than the others”. Instead of doing that, we would like to highlight some of the best parts of some of the tracks, starting with our homeboy Riot Ten.

The Riot Ten Remix

Honestly this one will have you saying WTF from the first 30 seconds. Breaking glass, break-beat drums, and a steady kick lead the way into the drop, alongside the “WTF” of course. The Drop consists of ear-murdering bass, and a very familiar “yoy” sound that is most recognized in an earlier Herobust track. It’s a great rendition and will most likely be used in mosh pit sessions just as much as the original.

The Kai Wachi Remix

It was a pleasant surprise seeing Kai Wachi on the list of artists on this EP. Every track he’s ever released has such unnatural sounds that always sound different from the one before. This is no different. The drops do not sound human. The kick and snare patterns are heavy, and every piece of the track comes together beautifully to create a perfect track. Herobust and Kai Wachi – Perfect match.

The Mastadon Remix

The youngest guy on this list, Mastadon took to the remix challenge like a champ, and succeeded oh so beautifully. A very open-ambient track from the very beginning with what sounds like a didgeridoo, but changes direction quickly and smoothly. The drop is hectic, just like our next artist.

The Hekler Remix

Light snare rolls and a distorted intro to the track encompass the ears as the build comes in to Hekler’s rendition of WTF. The drops bounce hard. This is definitely one of the most well made Hekler remixes he’s done, and he’s done some really, really good ones. This one will actually have you saying “What The Hek?”

The PIERCE Remix

First of all, it has to be said that PIERCE has been KILLING it lately. Landing the remix EP is well deserved, however he deserves more recognition. Secondly, this is one of the only tracks on the list that used a couple outside vox sources that say “WTF”. Every one of them is placed perfectly into the track. Thirdly, the double drop PIERCE did is amazing. It came way out of left field, and it was risky, but it paid off well. Not all double drops are as good as this one.

The IVORY Remix

Where to start with Ivory? Maybe we should talk about the subtle use of trap horns first, or the synths used throughout the entire track. Maybe we can talk about the gun cocking in the middle of the track, the soundboy siren, or the Call of Duty Zombie yells and the screams that follow them? How about all of them at once summed up in one word? INCREDIBLE. This track came together perfectly, even the double drop.

The Gladez Remix

Having Gladez on the remix EP was unexpected. What was even more unexpected was having the track start hard AF, but ending up going harder and harder, when it seemed impossible. Gladez definitely knew what he was doing when he was working on the low end of the track. The kick pattern made the track sound more trappy.

The Subtronics Remix

Which finally leads us to Subtronics and his rendition of WTF. The kick patterns are on point, the build up is tight, and the use of high quality machine gun sound effects make the listener feel like the drop is really a bass powered machine gun, especially in the way the drop is laid out. This is only the first half. It’s hard to believe with all of this, the second drop goes harder and heavier. It’s unexplainable, you’ll have to listen to it yourself.


Did someone ask for an extra order of Hero-house? That’s right, Herobust flipped his track into a house track, just like many of his best tracks. It’s a masterpiece in it’s own right, just like each and every version on the EP (and the original). There’s really no use in explaining, because there’s so much going on. All that needs to be said is be prepared for the second drop and don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Check out each track off of Herobust’s EP. Be sure to follow Herobust on his socials below.

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Posted by:Dee Jay Soup

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