Written by: Sarah Dickens

Greg Jones, better known as his stage name – G Jones, just released his debut album and wow.. it was well worth the wait. G Jones has been creating a name for himself in the bass community for years and has developed quite the following. His debut album, The Ineffable Truth, has absolutely blown us away – there are almost no words.

The Ineffable Truth, consists of eleven tracks so meticulously crafted that the entire album flows seamlessly as a single work of art. G Jones mentioned via twitter that there are tracks he’s been working on for 2 years included on the album. With every note you can hear the passion that was put into this project.

Photo from @gjonesbass

The Album

First of all, the album title itself could write this article for us. The word ‘ineffable’ is defined as too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words and that’s truly what this album is. Very rarely do you find an album that leaves you speechless.

Photo from @gjonesbass

The album starts off with “222 / Unknowable” and the mood is immediately set. The track is a light-hearted introduction to the journey the listener is about to embark on. For those who don’t know, 222 is an angel number – meaning, your spirit guides use this number to convey messages.

Usually, 222 is known to mark the beginning of expansion that reflects growth in a certain area of your life. When the title of the first track appeared and the vocals started we couldn’t help but wonder if our lives were about to change, too.

You know an album is good when the entire things flows like a river – leaving the listeners unsure of where one song ends and another begins. Going into the second track, “Different Sound,” G Jones created a flawless transition and then slapped us in the face with bass. Compared to the first track, “Different Sound” is wildly heavy and sets the tone for the tracks coming.

Photo from @gjonesbass

“Arbiters Theme” can only be described as straight HEAT. The build up, the unique drop and the layers upon layers of sounds playing with our ear drums create an absolute bonkers track that is showcases G Jones’ forward thinking and pure talent.

“Understanding the Possibilities” is our favorite on the album. The craftsmanship displayed in this track is jaw dropping. The drums and slow build up left us on the edge of our seat the entire time – then we are thrown into complete madness. As it slowly builds things begin to get more and more chaotic only to bring us back to earth at the end. The bass comes out of almost no where and it makes our brains explode every time.

Art by @victormosquerar

“Soundtrack of the Machine” makes us feel like we are caught in the middle of a war of the machines dodging lasers while flying through the galaxy. If Darth Vader listened to bass music this is the track he’d be bumping 24/7.

“Everything All At Once” is an emotional roller coaster to say the least. It’s warm yet cold, the emotion displayed feels like love but also feels like heart-break. We’d love to know the story behind this track. It’s a beautiful track that makes us feel like we are living in someone else’s memory. Almost as if this is the soundtrack to a moment in G Jones’ life and he’s giving us a sneak peek into it. We are waiting for it to hit a huge crescendo and then it doesn’t – its just a moment of perspective and emotions and we are here for it.

Art by @victormosquerar

Then, comes “In Your Head.” One of the hardest songs on the album and an absolute BANGER live. This track has been a fan favorite since it came out. It’s all organized chaos, heavy drops and sounds that we can’t even comprehend.

“Time” is a journey in itself. It’s like driving along the mountains in the rain – its calm, and then hysteria ensues while you hit those dark and sharp turns. But, then, it’s calm again. The track reminds us that time is ever-changing, things can switch up in a millisecond, but it’s all about the ride.

Art by @vicotrmosquerar

“That Look in Your Eye” is one of the last tracks G Jones worked on and he says it is one of his favorites on the album. This track is full of emotions, computer-generated vocals and ambient production.

Art by @victormosquearar

The last 2 tracks of the album are a team and the best ending to this album that we could have asked for. “Iridescent Leaves Floating Downstream” takes the listener to the end of the road – a quiet flowing stream. The voice that’s been appearing throughout the album asks “Do you still have that pleasant feeling that you described before?” and yes.. yes we do. The track ends with the faint sounds of a rivers current that then flows perfectly into the final track.

“Forgotten Dreams” is the final track on the album and it’s almost as if he rewinds the whole album then combines everything into ONE track. All loose ends come together in the final track and it’s as if G Jones himself, wrapped the album up and slapped a bow on it for us. The ending of this album drops the listeners off back at earth confused, surprised and shocked – just the way we like it.

Photo from @bassfacemedia

To sum it all up, The Ineffable Truth is bass musics’ album of the year. This album is about to change the bass music scene. G Jones is one of the best producers and his forward thinking is going to start a ripple effect in this community and we can’t wait to see what comes from it. We’ve never heard and felt such raw passion displayed in a project like this. G Jones put his all into this album and you can tell from the very first note. It feels like we’ve gotten a peak into G Jones’ soul, it’s almost as if we know him now.


Be sure to check out G Jones on his up coming album tour! He is incorporating a live component to his set as if we didn’t think he was talented enough, already. Tickets and tour dates can be found here!


Connect with G Jones

Twitter | Facebook | Website | Soundcloud

Posted by:Sarah Dickens

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