Written by: Jake Hunter

Think of waking up early on a Saturday morning and powering on your N64 and this bright arcade theme starts up, giving you excitement and next thing you know you are spending countless hours in front of the TV playing your favorite game. ‘Epic’ by Tokyo Machine gives me the reminder of  that, with uplifting sounds and a nice electro backbeat this track screams nostalgia.

This tune and its playful sounds create a very powerful electro track, with heart-stopping beats that will make the inner shuffler go crazy, this song is a great reminder of the old days and what electro use to be. Personally, I hope to hear more of this style of hard electro make a comeback!

Photo Credit- Toyko Machine SoundCloud

Toyko Machine is a well-known artist with very a strong pallet of sounds and beats that bring variety to the scene, this track was just dropped on Monster Cat and is already catching fire. Make sure to peep the track below and follow Toyko Machine!


Connect with Tokyo Machine

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Posted by:Jake Hunter

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