Written By: Dustin Scoggin & Sarah Dickens


Did we scare you? If not that is okay, because we are about to break down some of the darkest, scariest, and most horrifying names in EDM today, and where we failed to scare they certainly wont. These artists are all known for their spooky sound, horror-esk graphics, and some even just their own personal style. So sit back, and try not to be too scared. They wont bite…


INF1N1TE is probably the youngest, and most definitely the newest to the scene, but don’t be fooled this kid knows what he is doing. After being played by artists all over Lost Lands inaugural year, he was invited to play the sound camps for its sophomore year, and he destroyed it. INF1N1TE makes the list because of his dark personal style and because he’s been known to post some pretty spooky selfies and track art since jumping onto the scene.

We caught up with INF1N1TE and asked him where he gets his dark inspiration from, and why Halloween is important to him:

I’ve always been drawn to creepy stuff since I was a kid. Some of my favorite movies are the weird ones like Coraline and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Halloween is the one time of year a little more attention gets directed to the weird, dark stuff. So it’s definitely on of my favorite times of year.

Connect With INF1N1TE: Facebook|Twitter|Soundcloud


Now GRAVEDRG has to be the most obvious of why he made the list, for starters, he’s always in a mysterious black ensemble complete with a ski-mask. Still not convinced? How about the fact that his day job, is actually working at a grave site? Still not scared? Take a listen to his music, his hit song “Rampage” (check out music video below, BEWARE!) will for sure have you running for your life. Another artist just beginning to get his feet wet, we are excited to see what else he holds for us in the future.

Connect With GRAVEDGR: Facebook|Twitter|Soundcloud


I know what you are thinking, “Rezz isn’t scary”! However, have you met Rezzy Kruger? Rezz just dropped a 30+ min mix titled “Nightmare on Rezz Street” a very spooky mix full up untitled, unreleased that fans would have possibly never heard had she not done this project. The mix comes with a complete video, that has its own haunting vibes.

Watch the video below!

Connect With Rezz: Facebook|Twitter|Soundcloud


Arguably one of bass musics’ hottest producers at the moment, PEEKABOO, is taking over the scene. Any bass set you go to, recently, has included at least one of his tracks! PEEKABOO’s unique spooky sound filled with HEAVY bass and ghoulish laughter earned him his way onto our list! Don’t believe us? Just listen to the cackles and vocals straight out of The Shining in his track, “Maniac” – you’re feel shivers crawl up your spine.


Connect with PEEKABOO: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud


Here to represent the best state in the game are brothers, DREVM, straight outta good ole’ Texas. DREVM continually release dark, lofi bone-chilling tunes that sound as if they’re straight out of a nightmare. Even their titles and album work are almost too-spooky. The producer duo are craving out their own path in the experimental bass world and we predict a huge year for them, ahead!

We were eager to know where DREVM find their inspiration for such unique and bone-chilling sounds. Here’s what they had to say:

We find our inspiration from horror movies, haunted houses, and things that revolve around the horror genre. The artists that heavily influence our stuff are $uicide Boy$, Tsuruda, Cousin Litt, Ghostemane, Woolymammoth, MF Doom, Naz, and the legend, Dr. Derg. Also there are a couple of artists off our label, blk – .reeeel. and tappa, that keep us progressing forward. A lot of inspiration comes from blk.


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Two of the most forward-thinking bass producers, Alix Perez and Eprom joined forces a few years ago to give us, Shades. Their debut album, In Praise of Darkness unleashed experimental, chaotic, menacing sounds fit for the scariest of movie soundtracks. For real, their music makes us feel like we are starring in our own psychological thriller. The album is a flawless work of art that takes the listener on a journey with every track. We are looking forward to more from Shades!

Connect with Shades: Facebook | Soundcloud

RL Grime

It wouldn’t be a Halloween music article without mentioning RL Grime, right!? Every year we are blessed by the Halloween King, himself with a Halloween mix to get us pumped for the Day of the Dead. This year is no different – Halloween Mix 2018 came out and we are LOVING it. Right off the bat you’re engulfed by spooky sounds ready for the scariest of haunted houses and then BAM you’re greeted by the one, the only, Shaq. This mix came out just in time for a wild Halloween weekend.

Connect with RL Grime: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud


Is know as the King of Horror in the EDM community, for years his music has scared us all while simultaneously making us wanting to break our damn necks. His music is mainly a mixture of drumstep/dubstep and samples from our favorite horror movies. I discovered when a friend showed me his track “BeetleJuice” and I have been a fan ever since. He is currently on his 9th installment of his “Monster” series, supplies the music to Universal Studios for their annual Halloween Horror Nights, but has also played every major festival in the world. His work is scary, aggressive, and addictive.

We were able to reach out to Figure and ask him what drew him into the horror culture, and what made him use it as inspiration for his music. This is what he had to say:

A lot of older dubstep producers grew up Metal and Punk fans/kids, that aggression shines brightly in a lot of us and our music. I always have felt like all things Horror and Occult have a web of connection to darker Metal music. You could say it’s the general content, a lot of metal is brutal and have themes of murder and death… or you could go a tad deeper with it. I prefer the deeper side. Growing up I was already entertaining myself by reading books about real serial killers, all while listening to Black Metal and Grindcore… it always seemed like the soundtrack for, if, and when, I put myself in that situation and turned into a real-life Monster. Fast forward a couple of years, I’m 11 and develop a full-on obsession with horror movies while still diving deeper into music that was way too dark from someone my age. Horror movies are the visual representation of where my head is always at, my musical preferences, and always ties back into the music I live for. Dubstep is very adaptive, you can toss any outside element into it and it melts into it with ease. Injecting dark energy and horror themes into my music just comes naturally to me, it’s who I am… it’s not an idea I try to execute. How someone cannot be into grinding distorted guitars, wrenching vocals and gory films .. is beyond me.

Connect With Figure: Facebook|Twitter|Soundcloud

Honorable Mention Spook-sters

  • XORCIST– Houston Based DJ, we think the name says it all!
  • GHASTLY– This man needs no introduction. You know him, we know him, and we all love his ghost themed visuals
  • SWARMFlorida based producer who makes some of the darkest music in the industry
  • Haunted– You think girls aren’t scary? Check out this Chicago based producer. She creates her music through her demons.

Now that you’re well equipped with all the horrifying tunes you need to get you through Halloween week ,go grab some friends and get to summoning. We vote that we get all of these producers to create a festival that takes place in a haunted house – with their tunes and visuals surrounding us. The EDM world is full of haunted music and creepy-crawly tracks – who are your favorite spooky artists!?

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I'm a 27 years old, promoter/writer who is going to school for Broadcast Journalism. In hopes, to be a full time entertainment journalist. EDM Till I Die!

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