Once you press play, you have about 12 seconds of a nice beat until the bass drops and you find yourself in the midst of a Rap-into-Riddim banger. HE$H, already known throughout the state of Texas, has been consistently dropping straight smackers all year and continues his streak with “NUN HOLD MY STRAP“. As always with HE$H, you’re getting the explosivity of Rap mixed with the grimiest sounds imaginable due to his Riddim influence.

HE$H, known to some as Joey Verrando, hails from Dallas, Texas (SHOUT OUT THE BIG D). He’s been all over the states this year, and whether he’s filling for someone else or headlining himself, he’s received nothing but respect and fans for his hard-hitting bass and his disgusting grime-face-inducing drops. His recently dropped EP, LOCED OUT, has been played out over 500,000 times, receiving a plethora of fan praise for his absolutely filthy combination of Rap and Riddim into one of the most disgusting, rail-breaking, neck-snapping sounds in EDM. He’s got the whole state of Texas backing him, and if you aren’t on the wave, it’s never too late to join.

Check the man’s work below, and check his socials for upcoming shows near you.

HE$H : Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Posted by:Chase Wilson

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