This year, Young Signorino made a pretty catchy tune with some broken words that majority of us don’t understand, but we recognize it as “Mmh Ha Ha Ha”.  We’ve heard a pretty cool remix from Bassnectar, but it seems no one else wanted to tackle the challenge… till now. Yheti, 8 days ago, released his bootleg version of Young Signorino’s tune.  And… well… it’s lit fam.  Still was expecting something a bit harder and more complex like Yheti is known for, but hey… we can’t win them all, right?

young signorino
Photo by NSS Magazine

Yheti’s bootleg has some nice little rings, clings, and clacks to remake the melody into his usual experimental bass sound. Not to mention the little spooky vocals in the background, which complemented the Halloween festivities just finishing on the day of his release.

Photo by Sound Fix

Guys don’t forget to give this a chance.  It’s something different and as an artist, it’s nice to travel outside the box every once in awhile.  Check it out below!


For more Yheti, follow his socials below:

Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

Posted by:Christian Salcedo

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