KNØTZ new track, “Get Freaky”, comes out swinging with a Malaa x Tchami-style drum beginning and quickly transitions into something you’d hear being played on stage by either of the two artists. The production is immaculate and everything comes together so well for the drop that you can’t help but get up and move. Staying true to the name, the drop gets even freakier and if played on the big stage, is guaranteed to have you doing the same.

KNØTZ (Jason Broussard) is a fresh new DJ/producer originating out of Houston, Texas. Coming from a professional musical theatre background, KNØTZ brings a diverse song selection that compliments his high energy performances. DJing for less than a year, KNØTZ skyrocketed onto the scene playing various Houston venues such as Stereo Live, Warehouse Live, Belle Station, Walters, Houston Undrgrnd, and even Freaky Deaky. We here at TRILLVO highly suggest you make it a mission to give him a listen as he is one of the more diverse artists when it comes to his music.

KNØTZ is also a founder of The WhiteNoiize Collective in Houston. The Collective have played various shows together in Houston, taking over venues such as the loft at Stereo Live and pub/bars such as Pub Level. Check his social medias out below!

KNØTZ Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
WhiteNoiize Collective: Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Posted by:Chase Wilson

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