Written By Erick Dimas

Illenium is the gift that keeps on giving and he is back with “God Damnit”  ft. up and coming rapper Call Me Karizma. This song was first premiered during Illenium’s Red Rocks show this year and even though this is a collaboration that we never expected to happen to we are happy that did.

The song was originally a Call Me Karizma song, but Illenium gave it his magic touch. It’s a different sound from Illenium and we love to see that he going out of his comfort zone and trying new ideas! The vocals are amazing thanks to Call Me Karizma and I’m sure ans will connect with the lyrics the same way that I did! The songs talks about the flaws that we deal with in our heads while being in love with someone. Lets hope Illenium continues to explore this new side of him as this is one of best songs he has released this year.

Listen To “God Damnit” Below

Connect with Illenium:

Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Spotify

Connect with Call Me Karizma:

Soundcloud | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Spotify | Facebook

Posted by:Erick Dimas

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