Written By: Raytrill Harvey

In this day & age, fans of electronic music love to say trap music is dead… but is it? Or have you just not heard anything really innovative that stands out from the pack in an over-saturated market? Hip Hop hasn’t died over countless years, so why are people so quick to write off trap? In a world of naysayers… a track emerges from the flames.

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PLSMA takes a classic from everyone’s favorite midget chain wearing rapper, Ludacris,  and turns into into a modern electronic trap force of it’s own. This is a track so good, it leaves you wondering if what the Electronic world is craving is more crossovers from classics that filled our homes for so many years.

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It’s a powerful, bass curdling 808 track with perfectly chopped vocals that the two producers play with throughout the duration of the song. It’s so grimy and dirty, you can’t help but make the gnarliest stank face as it blares through your speakers… don’t believe us? Check it out below and fall in love with a classic all over again.


Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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