Artists: TYNAN
TitlePandora’s Box
Label: Never Say Die Records
Release date: 09 November 2018

TYNAN may have to be put into the running for most experimental EP of the year with “Pandora’s Box“, and you absolutely need to press play. Already known for his Dark trap-style and his ability to flare his tracks up with against-the-norm sounds, TYNAN puts his creativity on display for the masses and proceeds to make a big ass statement in doing so.

“Pandora’s Box” starts off heavy with experimental sounds in “Dusk” followed closely by “Dang”, leading the EP with a massive statement of his experimentality. “Dusk” hits hard when dropping off the massive buildup into a goosebump-inducing drop that WILL give you bass face. This found it’s way onto my own playlist because of how original TYNAN went and made this, not to mention that slight hint of an older dubstep influence throughout the drops is something I really have to respect. “Dang”, however, has some of the best mix between new age and old age sounds. Props to TYNAN, these are both absolutely insane.


The second track, however, is where I think things get messy in the best possible way. TYNAN Wooli team up to give us “Harbinger”, a deadly track combining both artists uniqueness into a neck snapper. This will be absolutely deadly if played live. Both drops are fairly unique from each other, and compliment each other extremely well to make an absolutely crazy track.

TYNAN Kompany combine their genius for “Extraterrestrial”, and the drops both have some of the most attention-grabbing sounds I’ve ever heard. The pair show off their ability to make people freak with expert-level production skills, and the second drop absolutely confirms that. The entire song sounds like something out of this world because of how different it is, and if that was their goal, they smashed it. TYNAN rounds out his EP with “785”, a track that truly puts his Dark Trap-style on display for you. It’s hard to capture that unnerving sound perfectly, but he does exactly that in signature fashion.

Check TYNAN out in all his uniqueness below, and press play while you look.

TYNAN : Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Never Say Die Records: Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Posted by:Chase Wilson

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