The O.G. Troyboi is back with a new 6 track EP after delivering V!bes Vol 1 only 6 months ago, needless to stay he has been at work. Riddled with vibes for all to enjoy, no doubt he is constantly breaking through. He continues to push boundaries setting the stage for EP’s like this, where you’re getting the new Troyboi while he still holds true to himself.  This EP is something I’m swooning over, so let me break down what we got.


The first track off the V!bes Vol 2 is “U Shud Kno”, right off the bat he is laying down the vibe with a melody you feel with your ears, but listen with your soul.

Up next he picks up the tempo with my favorite track. He keeps it cool and funky with “Say Yeah”. I can best describe it as a dance party you would throw in a trap house.

Coming in third is “Reload Dat” and it’s a stringy affair with more of a kickback vibe, really making it into something you can relax to while still grooving if necessary.

The fourth song is “SHOW OFF” featuring Healthy Chill rapping over this hot beat laid down by Troyboi. It shows off without having to be in your face, it’s an effortless example of both these artists skills.

Next is “Frustrated” featuring Destiny laying the vocals over an R&B track, bringing 2 worlds together. Dance music and R&B compliment each other so well just as these two great artists do.

The sixth track of the song is “Drip (No Mayo)” feating icekream and it bangs all over. I imagine myself bumping uglies with a girl in the club dancing to this. No Mayo!

The final track of the EP is “Laalach”. The EP ends the way it began, with a chill feel overall. A vibrant violent ordeal that cruises you to a finish off a great EP.

There you guys have it, my breakdown of V!bes Vol 2! What a great EP but don’t take my word for it, go listen to it below if you haven’t already. Be sure to tell us what you think!

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