Written By: Chase Wilson

We got to talk with YEROC on everything from new things coming from him all the way to his origins in music and life itself. YEROC, whose real name is found when you read that backwards, has been dropping steady heat lately and performing said heat inside Dallas/Houston. Luckily, we were able to catch him on one of his free days to catch up with him on everything YEROC.

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First off, I have to say you’ve been killing it at your shows. Have you had a show you’ve played you personally think was the best?


“Appreciate it. Any and every show that I perform, I try to give the same energy to the crowd. It doesn’t matter whether there’s 3 people or 3000 people. But anyway, my most favorite show recently was Lackfest back in august for my DJ’s birthday. It was packed and I had a crazy set, props to him for that show!”


Every artist has their own story, and I’ve been following you for quite some time and only know bits and pieces. What is YEROC‘s story?


“I was born in Dallas, Texas. I’ve always had an ear for music because I started playing instruments as early as a year old. When I got my first drum set, I was just around 1 and from there I really just kept it going. Ever since 9th grade, I haven’t had my parents in my life. My mom passed away of cancer in 2013 and my dad just never was around too often. I really had to adjust to living almost independently at a young age. I was taken in by my grandparents who are the most valuable people in my life. I started rapping when I was in 12th grade after seeing my friends K5, Heavenaboveall, and MKS Master in the studio. I decided to make a song and it started to do good numbers so I just kept the grind going and it just kept growing to where I am now.”


One thing that’s gotten a lot of attention recently is artist’s mental health. A lot of artists beginning grind usually starts from having a job (or two) and doing their music with any free time they get. How is your mental health currently and what has the grind been like for you?


“Life’s always gonna have its ups and downs to be honest, you just gotta make the best of it. That brings me to the greatest advice I have ever received & it was “we all have the same 24, what are you gonna do with yours?”. It made me really start to appreciate the value of time more than anything, including money. I actually have a lyric saying “I rather spend money than time, cause there’s no pressing rewind”. I just try not to think about the negatives and just try to enhance the positives with that energy!’


“Main Bitch” is a staple for my playlist and is easily my favorite song to get rowdy to at the moment. Which one of your songs is your favorite?


“My favorite song by me right now (that’s released) is probably “Like a Haitian” because of the vibe and how different it is from the regular YEROC. I honestly SNAPPED on that song. Listen to everything besides the main lyrics, you’ll love it. But as a rowdy song.. I like to listen to “I Got That” because you can hear my emotion in that song. I was pissed, as you can tell.”


You knew this question had to come. Dallas or Houston?


“HOUSTON IF YOU TRYING TO TURN UP AND LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE. DALLAS IF YOU WANNA SETTLE DOWN AND CHASE THAT BAG! But honestly, it depends on your preference. I love Dallas’ look but Houston’s culture!”


What can we expect to be coming soon from YEROC?


“I’m about to start dropping merch, wristbands, more visuals, more everything. All coming soon! There’s no way you’re not going to know about me in the next year. I’m for real about to take the game over. I really feel like I have such a unique sound that I can make hit after hit after hit given the spotlight. Let’s see where this hard grinding will get me in the long run!”



YEROC : Soundcloud | Instagram | Twitter


Posted by:Chase Wilson

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