Photos, Videos, and Article by: Michael Placencia

Rezz has become one of the most influential female forces in the EDM industry. And she definitely asserts her power with stunning visuals, body-vibrating bass, and stunning mixing. But before took the stage for her “Certain Kind Of Magic” tour, Golf Clap and Boogie T opened up. Golf Clap gave us some House to groove to, while Boogie T went full force with his experimental bass and Dubstep. He even went a step further and pulled out a guitar to play and sing his last song. It was truly an amazing way to hype everyone up for the main event.

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Rezz’s intro was nothing short of amazing. It was a sensory pleasing, bass-induced, happy nightmare. If there were ever such a nightmare to exist. The visuals matched the music perfectly, and the song selection itself was superb. Everything flowed as if Rezz were telling one big story of insanity. The bass was body shaking yet satisfied your senses. But there was one aspect this Rezz show had compared to all the rest: An indoor venue.

After having seen Rezz 4 times (3 at EDCLV and 1 at Day For Night), we’ve noticed that being outdoors really doesn’t give you the full spectrum of the show you deserve to experience. Too many outdoor distractions can keep you from focusing on the visuals and the story Rezz is trying to tell. Being inside the Revention Center in downtown Houston was the perfect setting to witness a Rezz show to the fullest extent. The visuals shined more, the sound was more crisp and clear, and the crowd’s engagement was through the roof. All of this and more is what makes indoor venues pivotal to artists like this.

This wouldn’t be a Certain Kind Of Magic show without a few surprises. Rezz shocked everyone when she revealed her new remix of Porter Robinson’s “Divinity”. It was a pulse pounding track that still manages to pay homage to the original. Rezz also played a few new tracks which sounded amazing. The bass from those songs really reverberated throughout the entire room. It was truly a memorable experience.

One of our favorite moments came at the closing of Rezz’s set, where she proclaimed that she was going to play a song from her Halloween mix and, wow, it was nothing short of amazing. The visuals were awe-inspiring and went all out. It was the perfect closing to such a dark and daunting horror ride of insanity.

If you’re still on the fence about going to a Rezz show, get off that fence! Seeing a show of this caliber indoors is one of the best treats you can give yourself. Everything from the lighting, sound, and the entire production as whole was just brilliant. Rezz already had a big 2017, and now she’s had a huge 2018. We can’t wait to see what 2019 brings for space mom.

For more Rezz, follow her on her socials below:
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