Written By: RayTrill Harvey
Photos By @acremedia

The week of EDC Orlando had arrived, but I stepped off the plane in Florida with only one show on my mind; Loky & Friends! I met up with the show promoters early on show day and we started out the evening with some pre-gaming and excited talks of the EDC boombox art car show that would run right down the street from Loky & Friends. We packed up 3 cars worth of people and headed to downtown Orlando to begin the fun. Acraze & many other esteemed Florida locals rocked the boombox art car as the hype for Loky & Friends rose!

After the boombox car show ended, we headed down the street for dollar tacos and drinks at a local spot and listened to house music fill the room! We got the chance to mingle with some incredibly dope DJs, all of whom happened to be women, and talked more about the show at Celine! After a few drinks had settled into our systems, we walked back down to Celine, the venue that hosted Loky & Friends, to begin our night!


Celine is a beautiful venue in downtown Orlando that’s set up almost like a warehouse turned expensive Vegas nightclub. The stage and production were big and beautiful with an extremely appealing LED board setup and an insane sound system that vibrated the building.

DNA kicked off the night and did one hell of a job of opening the vibes for a Jersey and Trap filled night. Duckworth sound, all the way from the UK was a force to be reckoned with behind the decks! Both DJs made it almost impossible to leave the room. I ventured upstairs for a brief moment and was amazed to see some incredible house DJs spinning on the rooftop and creating a totally unique vibe.


Back downstairs Stevie G was tearing it up and his insane stage presence and energy was contagious. VRG took to the decks next and delivered one of my favorite sets of the entire night. High energy and full of the Jersey & Trap sounds he’s become so well known for. The direct support for the headliner was NVRLEFT, a masked DJ who left the experience to be determined by his music selection, which was superb.

Finally, it was time for the headliners sets. Skellism took to the stage with a vengeance and ripped the walls apart with the combination of their wild visuals from the “In The Pit” video and Hardstyle sounds that had everyone dancing! Skellism delivered a performance worthy of a headlining slot. Following them, was the show organizer and his B2B adjoining artist; Loky B2B Acraze. The B2B was wild and closed out the night with a complete house party experience as Jersey filled the room and the rest of the DJs came back to join in on the B2B fun!


After the show we headed back to Loky’s house for some outstanding after party fun and good vibes with friends celebrating an amazing show!

TRILLVO gives this show a 10/10 and would gladly fly back to Orlando to experience something like this again! If you ever have the chance to see any of the artists that were on this lineup, TAKE IT! Thank you to everyone who made it possible for us to be there. Super big shout out to Loky & Steph.

Instagram: @itslokymusic
Twitter : @itslokymusic


Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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