written by: Cris Rodriguez


“Headbanging is really F#$King fun and everything but at some point everyone needs time to chill, you know? I just wanna make the type of music that I find interesting and that people can hang out and smoke to”

– Matt (aka) Overslept

It’s incredibly refreshing coming across an artist that not only creates music but lives and breathes the very atmosphere their genre generates.
You’ll never find a more laid back, easy going, and chill artist like 23 year old Houston based Phonk artist: Matt Spiller aka Overslept.

With 5 years of production experience under his belt, Overslept wants to bring Phonk into mainstream awareness – he realizes how powerful this type of music induces within his listeners due to the intoxicating, relaxing environment it creates.

“All I really care about is inspiring others, having a positive environment is really important to me and I hope others find positivity through my music. “

Overslept’s desire to generate positivity is a byproduct of the personal battles against his demons and addictions – he cites his track “Demons” as a tribute to these experiences as cites it as a personal historical legacy and he hopes others find solace in his music as he has.

Chill, jazzy, groovy and trappy – Overslept’s beats have a way of helping you slow down after a long day, it’s the perfect ingredient towards bringing people together to vibe and enjoy each other’s company.

Music has a fascinating way of inducing altered states of consciousness, I personally found myself a victim of Overslept’s intoxicating vibe and atmosphere as he played an intimate DJ set for us while we were hanging out in my room one evening.
I couldn’t help but to lose myself in conversation with friends as Overslept blessed our ears with music and beats so smooth that would rival hot butter. The small natural pauses of conversation would be pleasantly exemplified by a deep, soulful 808 kick  – a gentle but firm reminder that always took us by surprise without breaking the vibe.

Overslept takes great pride in the effect his music has on his listeners, and he wouldn’t allow me to write this article without making sure to include shout outs to Flexin Phonk Company, Filthy Phonccers, his friends and all his listeners.
He’s appreciative of all the love and support he’s received and wants to continue pushing that positivity onto new ears.

Check him out below:


Posted by:Cris Rodriguez

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