Written by: Cristian Rodriguez

So many moving pieces; cogs powering a well oiled machine aimed to bring about the greatest possible experience for their audience.

As a consumer, the experience is seamless – pick an artist, select an outfit, purchase a ticket – maybe some drinks.

Your night is made.

While all you remember is an unforgettable experience watching your favorite artist perform a life-altering performance on stage – few know about the moving parts working seamlessly in the shadows to bring that show to fruition.

A  4-hour show featuring a single headliner can take not just days, but weeks – even months to prepare.

It starts with hope: the promise of an incredible experience for the audience.
Then a couple steps before materialization:

Scouting • networking •  first communication • negotiations • logistics • contracts • planning  a date/venue • assemble a team • setup of communication channels • promo • ticketing • setup stage• setup lighting • setup sound and so much more

You have to hire Photographer and Videographers, Managers, Promoters, Artists/DJs, Lights/Sound Engineers, Bar Staff, Event Coordinators, Stage Hands, Artist Relations, the list goes on – all these people are required to make this show come together.

But these moving parts are more than just cogs – they have titles, responsibilities, faces, and feelings.

DSC_8944.jpgCarbin & whipped cream in the artist lounge @ illectric river

They spend endless nights grinding, planning, stressing, solving, and preparing  for the night they can finally deliver a perfect show for you.

Working in the entertainment industry is a world changing experience –  we help shape dreams and project them into reality through careful planning and meticulous precision.

Nothing humbles you more than working behind the scenes and seeing for yourself what it takes to capture that “perfect moment” you once saw as an audience member.

That same moment that then inspired us to work within the music industry for others to experience.

Outsiders don’t realize the incredible feats people in this industry go through to make a show come together, some that would even rival Greek Myths by comparison.

Yet at the end of the night, the crowd applauds and cheers only for the artist – the shadows in the background humbly acknowledge their hard work in silence, unseen and unrecognized by the very audience they worked tirelessly to serve.

But most of them will wake up to do it again.


Because it’s a labor of love.

DSC_9337Backstage at illectric river playing with the balloons, Jason Millsap (founder) on the right

No one else could survive and do what we do if it weren’t for the love we put into making these experiences materialize.

So next time you come out to a show, take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate the many  people working in the shadows that make this experience come true.

Everyone is invaluable to the experience, because without them; the show could not go on.

From security to managers, artists to janitors, bartenders to promoters – they all deserve a simple: thank you.

This simple gesture can mean the difference between them recreating that experience a second a time or throwing in the towel.

So support your local event coordinators and local talent, together we can continue to bring the magic that makes unforgettable nights come true.

DSC_6798Secret Snails show at Vulcan with his manager: Clark

Let’s make the world a better and more unified place, one rave at a time.

Photo credits to Marisa Folger, check her out:
IG @marisatheawesome


Posted by:Cris Rodriguez

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