House music is to EDM as a prime rib is to a steakhouse. There are many cuts of steak to choose from but the most choice, well rounded cut is the prime rib. There are few ways that can go wrong in a prime rib, as is house music. Sebastian Knight and TYPE3’s newest track is a thick, juicy 12oz cut off of the most tender prime rib imaginable.

Released on Botnek’s World Famous Headquarters, “Boombox” is 3 minutes and 33 seconds of pure house madness. Every piece of the track fits together like a puzzle. Each hi hat, kick, synth wobble, stab and warp fit perfectly with each other. Check out the track below!

World Famous Headquarters is the brainchild of Gordon and Erick, the duo that, put together, forms Botnek. Back in August of 2017, Botnek decided to self-release a song titled ‘Don’t Need U’ on a label in which they playfully named World Famous Headquarters. ‘Don’t Need U’ was Botnek’s first release in years from the two Nova Scotians that was reminiscent of the music they made when they first began the project almost a decade earlier. Since then, Botnek have released a number of their own singles under World Famous Headquarters, each of them enveloped in this early fidget & rave-inspired Botnek house sound. This year Botnek decided it was time to focus less on only using the label for their own music and instead give back to the inspired & prolific community of producers that . World Famous Headquarters has naturally evolved into a way for Botnek to discover & support talented producers from around the world that fit into their unique filter of wacky house music.

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Posted by:Dee Jay Soup

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