VAMPA dropped some heat on the 19th appropriately titled “Chillin’, Killin’“, and if you haven’t gotten around to listening to it, I’m going to have to stop you right here and make you press play. While it starts off slow with some raindrops, you quickly fall in to an extremely smooth, calming, melodic sound that somehow still gets you moving. Just before you drop, you hear that one voice reminiscent of those good ol’ UKF days, and that right there is what will drop you into an amazing wub-filled wonderland.

The rest of the song is not lacking whatsoever, and continues that nice, clean melodic sound accompanied by some more wubs that really causes you to appreciate bass music as a whole. The entire track has some amazing production on it and immediately joined my own playlist. Also, that emphasis on the ‘d’ in ‘need’ in the first drop will send chills down your back and I am 100% not over it still.

To hear this and more from the woman herself, check her out on her socials linked blow. Oh, and make absolutely sure you press play while you scroll through all of her pages. It’s a normal thing to do, we get it. We don’t judge.

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Posted by:Chase Wilson

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