MasKurade and James Gary combine each of their musical talents to give us a trance-yet-dark style track titled “Intensity“, and it truly lives up to the name it was given. The trance-like buildup compliments the darkness-filled drop in just about every way, putting you into a close hypnotic state before putting you into a psychotic state of mind.

I made sure to ask MasKurade himself what the vision was for the song, and this is what he had to say.

“My only vision for it was that I wanted it to sound progressive and have that dark-techno type of sound/drop, but still have an air of darkness to it. In fact, that drop you hear is inspired solely from Deadmau5‘s Imaginary Friends track. James Gary provided the light with that beautiful trance-like intro, and it was very interesting how both his style and my style of music culminated into something beautiful. The track felt like it had a lot of power to it with the drop that I made, so that’s why I decided to call it Intensity. All because of the powerful force behind it.”

Check the song out right below, and be sure to send a follow to MasKurade and James Gary on soundcloud.

MasKurade | Soundcloud

James Gary | Soundcloud

Posted by:Chase Wilson

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