THROWDOWN once again blesses our ears, this time with a remix of GRAVEDGR‘s “RAMPAGE“. Although it’s no surprise coming from THROWDOWN, this is just disgustingly filthy. This is the type of song that’ll make your lip curl and your head bang. That’ll be the only warning.

Starting off with some hard bass and the repeating line from the original track, Gianfranco La Rosa aka THROWDOWN flips this trap track into a heavy-hitting bass-filled track while still maintaining some of the original trap vibe. The drop is led off by the familiar line right into one of the most disgusting sequence of stops and drops THROWDOWN has put out to date. But, if you thought this was the high point of the song, this part only predates another hard drop that is taken over by the siren from the first drop.

I think it’s safe to say THROWDOWN really let his talent show here, and you should expect to be hearing this live at shows near you. Big ups to the man for this. If you haven’t been following what THROWDOWN is up to, make sure to check out the song AND his socials linked below.

Connect with THROWDOWN

Soundcloud | Instagram | Twitter

Posted by:Chase Wilson

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