Written by Michael Placencia

Valentino Khan and Kayzo are starting off the year guns blazing with a supercharged song that has a little something for everyone. We were curious to see what a collab between Valentino Khan and Kayzo would sound like, but we didn’t expect to be surprised with such a surprisingly genre-filled track.


Photo by DJ Times

The track starts off with a Hardstyle type of beat, before quickly switching things up with a small Midtempo section. What amazed us was how fast the Midtempo bassline & kick swiftly transformed into a Moombahton groove. The track then reverts back to that familiar style it began with, but once again builds up very fast  into an intense Drum & Bass drop!

So there you have it. 4 different genres in just two minutes and fifty seconds. We didn’t think it was possible to genre hop this many times within a song and still have it turn out good, but Valentino Khan and Kayzo surely surpassed our expectations and delivered this insane banger. It’s not every day you hear a song that can traverse several genres within a short amount of time, but we’re glad we finally got a track like this one.

v.k. & kayzo
Photo by: Run The Trap

For more on Valentino Khan & Kayzo, follow them on their socials below:

Valentino Khan:

Soundcloud | Twitter |  Instagram


Soundcloud | Twitter  | Instagram

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