Written by: Michael Placencia

GHOST DATA surely has started off 2019 with a huge burst of energy. This album is definitely a welcome change of pace and showcases his productive prowess as he takes on Midtempo and the more experimental Downtempo/Bass music in his own creative way. This album is full of many elements, so brace yourself for some wild stuff. So without further ado, let us walk you into the void.

void queenlarge-1

The first track, (which is also the album’s title) Void Walker, greets us with a low bass growl as an eerie melody begins to play. Everything builds up beautifully while launching you into a neo-mechanical future as the beats come to life while being accompanied by robotic sound effects. Even a machine-like voice utters, “Void Walker” at just the right time.

To get more of an insight behind the inspiration and story of this album, we asked GHOST DATA himself. Here’s what he had to say:

“With Void Walker, I really wanted to evoke the feeling of dread and power. With the introduction of the Void Queen, like my introduction of The Shepherdess, I wanted her character and personality to match the tone and feeling of the music.” – GHOST DATA

“Inhuman” follows up “Void Walker” perfectly, as it gives off a type of Tron-like feel. Don’t let those softer tones fool you though, because the heaviness once again graces your ears with even more dark and robotic sounds. “Siren’s Call” has a very technical intro before getting us into a booming drop. “Femme Fatale” could easily fit into a movie soundtrack or score, with its dark progressive tone that just makes you want to kick ass.

“As with all of my albums, this one is lore based as well, setting a new tread on the main antagonist of the over arching story.” – GHOST DATA

voidq lorge

“Full Bodied” is easily a favorite of ours, due to the seductive vocals of AL!CE. It’s a driving track of darkness and really adds more to the story of the Void Queen. “Darkened Duchess” would make Rezz proud with its melodic tones, gritty guitar-like snarls, and low basslines. The high hats used within this track add an extra touch of brilliance.

“Become God” is another adventurous track that seems to tell an entire story all on its own. It’s definitely one of grittiest tracks on the album. “Agony’s Embrace” lives up to its name as it brings that feeling of despair to the forefront. The almost machine-like low bass growls really add some extra spice to this track. “The Black Widow” speeds things up, as it makes you feel as if you’re in a boss battle against something in Devil May Cry. This is yet another one of our favorites from the album.

“With my tracks, I implemented inspiration from such artists like Swarm, Rezz, and 13 to get a feel of what the Heavy/Midtempo world sounded like.” – GHOST DATA

The more lengthy tracks such as “Textlog Ritual” and “Dark Harvest” take you on such melodic journeys. We’ll always be a sucker for those plucks; As aptly used in “Dark Harvest”. “Gods of the Artificial” also begins with beautiful plucks as its lengthy intro builds upon the emotional tones it evokes.

“I fell in love with the Void Walker album after hearing a clip of the main song. I looked into it and literally bought the whole album in just an hour after hearing it. It almost even feels like a story in itself when you listen to the whole album. I highly recommend following his music and supporting his art, especially since he is so supportive and attentive of his own audience. Never stop making music GHOST DATA!”-Ashley Oceans (GHOST DATA fan)


“Visions”, the final track on the album is the most soft, yet also the most beautiful of all the tracks that come before it. It’s as if you’re listening to the end credits of a video game or movie. It’s very chill and we love the feeling of calmness it gave us as we listened. It truly puts your mind at ease.

“Void Walker” is, in a way, my answer to the struggles of staying true to myself. Exploring different genres of music, and creating such inspires me to create even more. So I’m kind of glad I entered unfamiliar territory. What sort of vengeance and chaos will the Void Queen pursue in the future? Only time will tell.” – GHOST DATA

So there you have it. Void Walker dissected down to the bone. In short, this album is what you’d get if the soundtracks to John Wick, The Matrix, and Tron had a threesome together and spawned a music baby. Or even just a crazed love child of Rezz and 1788-L if one ever existed. But all comparisons aside, this album is in a league all in its own. It screams and defines who GHOST DATA is and how he’s evolved as an artist. And we wouldn’t want it any other way.

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