Written by: Michael Placencia

With the Houston EDM local music scene continuously rising, so does the amount of female artists. The most newest of these, is none other than Phaerie – aka, Hannah Crotts. This woman may be a fresh new DJ, but she’s already showcased some major skill and we were eager to learn more.


Hannah first started her foray into EDM music at the age of 6 years old. As she would go in her garage and dance to various CDs. From there, she slowly began to gravitate towards newer genres, but didn’t become fully immersed until she attended her first music festival: Middlelands. This was what also inspired her to become both a DJ and a producer after seeing how much the artists didn’t just have fun, but also how they made her feel from their music. As far as influences go, some of Hannah’s major influential artists include the likes of Armin Van Buuren, Eric Prydz, and most importantly, Above & Beyond. Trance is Hannah’s specialty, and after seeing her DJ debut on her birthday at Gravity, she’s more than proved herself to rightfully earn her spot as a strong female DJ.

We were eager to learn what “Phaerie” means so Hannah filled us in:

“For me Phaerie represents the things we value as kids but lose when we grow up – a wild imagination, the sense of wonder at the world, the belief that everyone is good and the belief in yourself… There’s also a part of fantasy to it – believing in magic and things unseen. When you grow up you might stop believing in magical things but you can always hold on to the unseen – love, willing something to happen, and positive energy. The triangle in my logo is a symbol for healing and that’s exactly what I want my music to do for people.”


When asked what she hopes to accomplish within the next few years, this is what Hannah had to say:

“Producing is just now becoming more enjoyable than frustrating lol! It’s a huge motivator to keep learning and growing as an artist, so releasing original tracks is definitely at the top of the list. Ultimately, getting to work with some of the artists that have inspired me would be an absolute dream come true. I’d love to start playing in other cities so I can meet and learn from their local artists as well.”

Hannah may just be getting started as a DJ and producer, but she surely is on her way to greatness. With her love of Trance shining as she beautifully mixes it within her sets clearly emulates the amount of passion, devotion, and love into her craft. You can catch Hannah/Phaerie at the 2nd Annual Trillvo Women Strong Charity Event – brought to you by both Trillvo and Virtuosos. For more info on the Women Strong Charity Event click here!

For more on Hannah/Phaerie, check out her Facebook!



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