Nova Lotus, the Salt Lake City-based label that has signed tracks from AtrophIA, Moore Kismet, and SHSTR, just released a new, unique-sounding track from an up and coming Pacific Northwest native, Everettz.

This Portland producer’s newest track, Desire, is a dark mid-tempo experience with both organic and unnatural sounds. The distorted overlay the vocals have really make “Desire” pop, and stand out. You can check out the new track by Everettz here on SoundCloud and here on Spotify.

Everettz is a one-of-a-kind, versatile, and in-style DJ & Producer. While drawing inspiration from various styles of bass, house, lo-fi, and hip hop; Everettz gathers additional raw ingenuity from nature, wildlife, dinosaurs, and more. This PNW-based artist returns to Nova Lotus with a dark, bouncy hybrid tune to pulsate in a dark room near you.

Posted by:Dee Jay Soup

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