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Ducky, one of our favorite producers of the last couple of years and headliner of our Woman Strong: Charity Show, unleashes a powerful EP on Valentine’s day about Heartbreak and Recovery. The EP follows a break up and exhibits the raw emotion she felt during the creative process.

“Basically this EP chronicles me healing from my last breakup – from “Day Zero,” which I wrote on the night we split, to the ending track that I wrote when I’d finally moved on. I also feel like you should know that I literally cried the whole time I wrote “Day Zero” specifically, which I think actually looked pretty funny once I got to like the technical mix-down work.” – Ducky; in an interview with Nest HQ

Ducky; From her IG @QuackHouse

Day Zero, the track she wrote on the night of the split, is a powerfully stunning song that places her emotions of the break up on a pedastool for fans to relate to. It’s the kind of song that pulls a tear from you when you listen to it. From start to finish, a work of art. It’s the kind of song you put on repeat and blast while you cry and dance around your room to try and relieve heart ache.

I still believe in love, The track Day Zero leads into and the title track of the EP, is a song made by a woman healing and taking back control of her heart. She acknowledges how much she misses her ex but also is firm in her declaration that she will be alright and still believes she will love again. You can hear hints of her electro roots in the build that lead into a strong chorus that brings with it a vigorous energy of growth.

Ducky; From her IG @QuackHouse; Shot by RUKES

I’m afraid of everything is about a girl learning to live without someone she was with. It’s a song about someone who is scared to journey into the world alone but knows she can do it and will never give up. This message speaks and relates to just about everyone on the planet after a breakup. It’s a future bass bop with an uplifting beat that can carry you into the next journey of life

The finale track, “Im Worth It“, is the track she wrote when she finally moved on! It’s about her finally realizing how much love she truly deserves! She speaks about how she no longer cares about her ex and is focused on her and how she came to terms with her own self worth. It’s a beautiful track with claps that could make an entire audience join in. and a drop that is probably the most beautiful on the EP, a courage filled triumphant sound that really works together with the lyrics in a beautiful way.

Ducky; From her IG @QuackHouse

What’s really amazing about this EP besides the production (All Her) the lyrics and vocals (All Her) is it details a story, the story of day one of a breakup all the way to recovery and moving on. She wrote each track when she felt it and you can, in turn, feel it in the music. It’s a beautiful 4 chapter book of sound and deserves to be heard by as many people as possible.

You can catch DUCKY headlining our Woman Strong Charity show on international woman’s day, MARCH 8th in Houston @ Ayva Center, complete with a silent auction and ticket sales that ALL go to The Bridge Over Troubled Waters, a foundation that helps victims of domestic abuse.

Ducky also has a limited line of her own hand paintd clothing and it’s AMAZING

From Ducky’s hand painted clothing line!





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