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Michael Placencia

For our 2nd featured female artist on our road to the Trillvo/Virtuosos Women’s Charity event, we proudly introduce Trizm. Trizm, aka Stephanie Huynh, has been an avid fan of EDM for years. She was also a beloved member of the Trillvo team before she headed on to new endeavors. So we here at Trillvo are more than thrilled to have her return with a performance we’re sure will be great.

We were fortunate enough to interview Stephanie by asking some questions that gave us a look at the world through Trizm’s eyes. When asked what the origin of Trizm was, this is what she had to say:

“The number 3 has always been my favorite and as a kid, I had a fascination with prism designs too. I was just sitting there one day and the idea to combine the things I love together and that’s when Trizm became a thing. I combined Tri, which means 3, and the word prism with the letter Z.”

When it came to being introduced to the scene, Stephanie explained that her interest began in middle school. Ever since her uncle played a Dash Berlin cd for her, EDM gained a huge spot in Stephanie’s heart. Although once she attended her first festival,(Something Wicked) she truly began to allow EDM to change her life in the most positive way. We also asked the big question of what made Stephanie want to become a dj. Here’s what her response was:

“I wanted to become a DJ because EDM became such a huge part of my life throughout college. It got me through a lot of tough times and every time I went to a show, it made me forget what was going on in life and just to enjoy what was going on at the time. Getting that feeling, I wanted to do that for others and that’s when I decided to give DJ-ing a try.”

Stephanie also channels her love of EDM through artists that have influenced her such as: AC Slater, Wax Motif, Flava D, Chris Lorenzo, Dr. Fresch, TS7, and many more. If you couldn’t already tell, this lady is definitely a diehard House fan. As for what she hopes to accomplish in the next few years, Stephanie expressed her determination of wanting to play more shows in Houston and also to learn how to produce House music.

Stephanie has not only been a great team member, worker, friend, and artist…she’s also a great person too. There are very few female House djs in Houston, but it appears that Trizm is surely about to change that. You can catch Trizm at the 2nd Annual Women’s Strong Charity event. And be sure to follow her on all of her socials posted below.


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