I’ll start by saying this would be a good time to drop the catnip before you read further ahead. Ready? Put your paws together for and give a big round of Meows for FreakMeowt AKA Samantha Lewis!


Samantha Lewis was born and raised in Louisiana then moved to Houston at 18 years old, where she found a passion for Djing. Two years later, she is still Djing and has even began producing an EP as of most recent. She is not done traveling however, as she is expanding her horizons to Los Angeles. She hopes to connect with more producers as she molds her craft. Aiming to ultimately travel the world and spread positivity through her music.


You can expect to hear FreakMeowt mixing up her favorite genres which include Trap, Dubstep, & Future Bass. So you can expect all sorts of craziness at the TRILLVO 2nd Annual Women Strong Charity Show from FreakMeowt, this is your fair warning.


Some of her inspirations come from Alison Wonderland who just so happened to be the first show she ever went to, and she is also big Mac Miller fan (RIP). She also is heavily inspired by her spirit animal which just so happens to be Cats! Fancy that huh? So if you see her Djing and so happen to see cat ears coming out of her headphones when she is throwing down her set, those are for the cat loving bass heads in the crowd.

FreakMeowt’s message is simple, she wants people to be inspired to live in the moment and chase their dreams. She wants to draw on your emotions through the music she plays so that you can feel what she does as she takes you through an emotional roller coaster that is her set.


FreakMeowt is honored and proud to be playing the Annual Women’s show that is bringing together everybody to benefit women who have suffered through domestic abuse as it is a touching subject due to her having unfortunately experienced it herself and now that she is in a position to give back she wants to do just that.


I honestly can’t wait for the positive emotions that will pour into the night of the women’s show that we will get to share during FreakMeowt’s set. Be sure to giver her all the meows she can handle that night! See you guys then!





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