Back in December, We at Trillvo, in partnership with The WhiteNoiize Collective, released a sample pack curated by the collective of talented artists. Alongside the sample pack was a challenge to make the best tracks with those said samples, and we are excited to release our second-place winning track by Houston local Mark Molina a.k.a Disaiple. Check it out NOW!


This isnt the first EP outing from Disaiple however, about eight months ago he released a entirely original four track EP called “Reflections,” which was easily one of the most unique EPs we’ve heard in a while. What’s fascinating about this EP, is that it traverses multiple genres very beautifully. The EPs title is fitting given it’s called Reflections. Which we associate to be a mirror giving off different reflections (or iterations) of multiple genres.

Let’s dive into this mirror of wonders shall we?


Right out of the gate, “The Day I Realized” greets us with an almost German Tech House vibe. Fans of Gessafelstein will definitely like this one. The kick and claps go hand in hand perfectly, with that electronic melody accompanying it so well. “Incapable” Gives us a completely different feeling, as it begins with a serene piano melody and vocal sample. It’s a very melodic and beautifully produced track. This song will take you to a new world if you listen to it hard enough. Its Experimental and Instrumental-like nature gives it such a personality unlike no other. “Appreciated” Is definitely the faster of the bunch, with its driving Techno beat, snares, and rhythm. Hearing the “You are appreciated” sample fit perfectly within the midsection of the track. The small piano breaks are nicely added touches. It gives the track more nuance in a way. What also made us love this track is the arpeggiated chords towards the end of the song. It’s crescendo was amazing. This is definitely our favorite track of the EP.


While melancholy in nature, “Apology” takes the crown of most beautifully written track on the entire EP. The story the piano tells brings so much emotions to the surface. This truly is a moving song. All in all, Disaiple has sculpted an eloquent work of art with Reflections. Songs like “Appreciated” echo themes of Deadmau5, while others have a feel all their own. Regardless of which artists you may compare these songs to, this is still a Disaiple EP. Which clearly sets it apart from any artist with the unique sound it brings. From Experimental, Techno/Tech House, Instrumental, etc. We’re excited to see where Disaiple takes his musical journey next, because we’ll be supporting him every step of the way.

Check out the rest of the winners from the producer contest below!


 All of the tracks for the Trillvo & WhiteNoiize Collective Producer Challenge EP are available NOW! Check em out here.  Be sure to follow The WhiteNoiize Collective and Disaiple on their social media pages!





The WhiteNoiize Collective








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