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Michael Placencia

Being up from 6:30 am, driving two and a half hours to Austin, and staying awake until 3 am is no easy task, but that’s exactly what I did to make it to my first i_o show. Running off of solely energy drinks on the way, my mind was focused on one thing: To make it to that show before i_o even set foot upon that stage. This is the story of how the best rave I’ve been to went down.


If you watched that intro, you just saw just a small tease of what you can expect from an i_o show. Now, if you’re not familiar with him, he specializes in Techno. But he’s no stranger to other genres such as Progressive House, Midtempo, and even dabbled into Trance territory. But aside from all that, this was a straight up rave. Meaning tons of Techno. With the show taking place at The Parish right in the heart of 6th Street, this show was nothing but a rave-infused ride.

The first thing I noticed before the show started, was how hyped up the crowd was. Not even in Houston have I seen a crowd hyped up equally as much for the opener as they were the headliner. Shufflers and ravers alike were out in full force. The amount of shufflers there was insane. And their skills were the best I’ve seen in years. I knew Austin was the music capital of Texas, but never did I imagine the amount of love their EDM scene has when you see it firsthand.


i_o himself definitely delivered. A fun fact that many may not know is that i_o usually tends to play a lot of his own IDs within his sets. Pairing those with his already released tracks makes for such an irresistible combination. One minute you’re fist pumping to his “Imaginary Friends” remix by Deadmau5, the next you’re left wanting to shuffle to the addicting beat of “Permissions (Believe)”. There were so many great moments throughout his set…his mashups of certain songs were nice touches as well. Oh, and did I mention he played for 2 hours!?

All in all, driving for two and a half hours and staying awake for nearly twenty-four hours, was more than worth it. I can’t stop raving (no pun intended) about this show, because it was just one of those shows you had to see for yourself. I’m so happy to see how far i_o has come in just a small amount of time, because I can’t wait to see what he has in store for the rest of the year.

For more on i_o, check out and follow him on his socials below:

Soundcloud |Twitter |Instagram

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