SURPRISE! We at TRILLVO are excited to release this gem and announce that Karlim will be our direct support for The TRILLVO Second Annual Women Strong Charity Show. You can peep the track NOW, and get to know Karlim while you listen!

Karlim hails from Riverside, CA and got inspired at an early age to start DJing, thanks to none other than her father.

“…my dad DJ’d Hip Hop. Watching him make music come alive in this way sparked my curiosity and eventually I adopted it in my own style in Electronic music, and the rest is history.”

Needless to say she came from a VERY creative atmosphere. Which we all are tremendously grateful for.

With dope original tracks already under her belt, having already played out some major shows, including headlining a Wa$ted show, Karlim is showing no signs of slowing down. For Karlim producing and DJing is something truly therapeutic, whether it be producing, DJing, or just listening.

“It [music] seems to flow so naturally for me, and is the one thing that remains constant through the ups and downs of life. Sounds cheesy, but it’s true.”

We asked her what message she wants to tell through her music, but to feel the true passion and inspiration behind her music…its best to fully read her own words.

“I’m here to make a statement and leave a mark in this male dominated industry. As much as we have evolved in terms of gender equality, stigmas around female artists remain. I plan to knock down some barriers and pave the way for other female artists. I want to surprise listeners with how intense my music is, because it’s such a stark contrast to my personality. My intention is to take them on a journey to the darkest parts of my soul.”

We at TRILLVO are all about bringing these stigmas to light to help fully DESTROY these barriers surrounding our female artists. We couldn’t be more honored to have Karlim a part of our annual charity show.

When it comes to who else she looks up to other than her father, her fellow artist friends are also a major source of inspiration. Motivated by “the passion in their eyes, watching them put in the hours day after day, and not give up on the one thing that makes them jump out of bed every morning.” She also looks up to and strives to be like Modestep, her mentors.

“…because of how genuine and humble they remain regardless of their success. I’m so thankful for the way that they have taken me under their wing.”

Five year plan? Nah…Karlim has a FIFTY year plan.

“In 5 years, I want to wake up feeling like I earned everything that I have in that moment and accomplished some big bucket list goals, such as releasing on my dream labels and playing my dream festivals. I see myself still grinding away the days in the studio and striving for the next set of goals. 5, 10, 20, 50 years from now I’m going to be involved with music and the industry in one way or another.”

Women Strong Karlim.png

You can catch Karlim in Houston next Friday. 3.8.19, at our Second Annual Women Strong Charity Show. One-hundred percent of all the proceeds from the show goes to support The Bridge Over Troubled Waters, the 8th largest family crisis center in Texas. Every year they serve approximately 20,000 with the purpose of ending domestic violence and sexual assault.

You can get tickets here.






Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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