With every artist comes a new personality, a new sound, and a new perspective on music. Local Houston artist Disaiple, (aka Mark Molina) is definitely one of those unique artists that shows a lot of talent through his craft. His new EP Reflections is a fantastic example of that. We here at Trillvo were lucky enough to have an interview with him and ask him some deep questions.

What is the origin of your name?

The name came from my old xbox live tag from the orginal xbox, I was like 10 at the time and didn’t know what to name myself and my dad came up with the name “disciple” it was disciple133 because someone obviously had the original “disciple” on there. It changed to disciple135 during the 360 migration then I took the liberty of distinguishing myself with the “disaiple” name I have now”

What made you want to become a dj/producer?

“I had loved music growing up and when I came across Aphex Twin, he was the first electronic artist I researched and really got into, it was then that the seed was planted. It took time for it to sprout but my desire to create my own music came when I discovered Tiesto and deadmau5 later”

Who are your influences for your music/sound?

“deadmau5 was definitely my first influence and I would say he still is to a degree now. My influences are much more varied than before, ranging from folk, classical, electronic, orchestral, indie, abstract, really anything that I think sounds good.”

How would you describe your sound/music?

“I’m really not certain I know how to describe my music. It’s not really any type of genre I’d say. It’s not like you put it on and say “oh yeah that’s tech house or bass house etc.” I don’t really go towards the “styles” or try to emulate them that much so it’s kinda just nothing lmao”

What do you hope to accomplish in your career over the next few years?

“I hope to just put out more music, maybe continue with EPs or do some singles etc. I’ve considered very briefly doing DJ just for fun as well, so who knows. Obviously I’d love to make music for a living or even get into the production field on any level. Working on games, TV, movies etc. but for now just get better and make better music lol”

So there you have it. A more in depth look at the man behind the name of Disaiple. What’s most fascinating about Mark, is that his talent has already shined a bright beacon of promise in a career he’s sure to excel at. And we’ll surely be following and supporting his future endeavors along the way.

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