Written by:

Michael Placencia

If you haven’t yet heard of Bainbridge, then you’re definitely in for a treat. Bass lovers will come out in droves once they hear Reggie Moe’s (Bainbridge) music. The intensity of his tracks brings such a force that almost emanates a fiery animosity with the excessively powerful bass drops, effects, and fusion of Dubstep & Riddim wubs. All of this and more is evident in this flip of Marshmello and SVDDEN DEATH’s “Sell Out”.


Just from the opening of the track alone you can sense Bainbridge’s presence with an almost machine-like intro. He still leaves elements of both Marshmello and SVDDEN DEATH in the track, but once that fiercely-driven buildup takes hold, it’s hard not to go crazy once that ferocious drop hits. Bouts of wubs and a few Dubstep/Riddim screeches come at you in full force. What’s appreciated in this track, is that Bainbridge is careful not to make the Bass ring too loudly or for the entire song itself to sound overly high in volume. Everything is leveled out evenly and the track itself moves at a fast (but not too fast) pace.


If you like tracks like this one, you’re gonna love what you find on Bainbridge’s Soundcloud; which you can find the link to below. Not only did we get a chance to hear this new track first, but our very own writer Michael Placencia also had the pleasure of going on a coffee run with Bainbridge himself! Get to know the man behind the music, and see what inspires Bainbridge to make music, as well as what his hobbies are, and more. Catch the coffee run below!

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