Visceral; something that is instinctive or emotional. Whether it’s doing something completely new to you, simply enjoying a musical genre you haven’t heard before, or anything along those lines, you will most likely evoke some sort of emotional response.

Now, having an emotional response is not in itself a negative, as it’s quite literally human to do so, but going through with a negative emotional response is never the way to go about things.


March 15th, Houston was fortunate enough to host Getter at Stereo Live. Getter, an outstanding musician spanning multiple genres, a man with multiple different types of artistic careers, was unfortunately booed by some of the people attending his show in Houston. Now, these people are not representative of our great city whatsoever. The reason being, simply because they wanted to hear what they originally remember Getter for – that bass-heavy, loud music that evokes that primal urge. A visceral feeling. Now, these people are not representative of our great city whatsoever. However, other than not learning how to read a flyer, it seems these people also didn’t learn the very basic quality of art that makes it so widespread in its form – art is constantly evolving.

To stay on top of any artistic field, you have to be constantly evolving and changing the way people see or hear your creativity.

Take Pablo Picasso, for example. His art drastically changed over the years, from beautiful self portraits with vivid color to those darker, more visceral paintings. With his mind and creative direction left untouched, this man (alongside others) opened up avenues that people may have never even considered, and lives on in history.

Music is art as well, and the only thing that differs is the way it’s digested.

Getter, following his own creative direction, is currently on a Visceral album tour. Visceral has some of the most forward-thinking sounds in any album we’ve ever heard, with one of the greatest musical minds inside of electronic music behind it. If you’re a true fan, not just of the music but of the person pulling the strings, you already understand that this step in a new direction is not the ending of who Getter is, or the ending of Getter at all, but an evolution of the sounds he originally brought us all.

To be a fan means to understand, and to support, new creative avenues your favorite artists are building. To be a fan means to tag along on the artistic journey, and watch a career blossom into so many different styles that will eventually inspire others to do the same. That’s what electronic music – and all art – has always been about, and we should all remind ourselves of that.

Getter, we hope to see you back in Houston soon.

Visceral TRILLVO Review

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Posted by:Chase Wilson

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