In the midst of the Ceremony Tour, Black Tiger Sex Machine finds time to hack the matrix with new EP “Download the Future.”

The first track, Hacker, starts of mysteriously as it invokes the feeling of plugging into a simulation. The build up gives off the feeling of being an electrical current flowing into the circuity as the mind connects to the program. Once the drops hits this electronic world fully entrenches you. After the break things speed up a bit, as if a “Hacker” has infiltrated all the firewalls and is wreaking havoc on the internal systems. Reprogramming and reformatting the song making it fully their own.


(picture by Andrew Murillo)

The next track and EP title, Download the Future, starts with a eery sounding throwback public service announcement about scientists and planners shaping the minds of the children that will live in the 21st century. The download bar begins its installation as the beat builds up and the bass file executes. A deep, dark and booming synth runs a background task as the first drop levels itself back out and the download of the melody restarts. The high pitches draw you back in as the Future completes its installation.

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Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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