There’s very few things that everyone can agree on these days – one of those being.. GLITTER. Who doesn’t love to sparkle and shine!? Melissa Jo is working to bring the sparkle to Houston, one glitter kimono at a time!

Glitter and sparkles are a staple in the EDM community and we met up with Glitter Trove founder and artist, Melissa Jo, to discuss all things shiny. As a successful entrepreneur in Houston we were eager to pick her brain.

Holographic Sequin Duster from

TRILLVO: “What is the Glitter Trove and how did it come to life?”

Melissa: “The Glitter Trove is a collection of  all things glittery! It is kimonos, jackets, sunglasses, face jewels – anything sparkling. I’m a custom order business, made to order – my customers come to me with a vision including colors and sequin size and I make them a pic stitch board and I bring their creation to life. It came to life last year during Hurricane Harvey. I’ve always made my own random pieces to wear to festivals and after going to Middlelands I received a lot of questions about where I got my pieces. So during Hurricane Harvey instead of going to the store to buy survival food I went to the fabric store and I saw my first bolt of fabric and went home and ran with it! The Little Mermaid has her Treasure Trove and now I have my Glitter Trove. I’ve just been bringing glitter-y magical things to people that want extravagant electric clothing since.”

glitter trove
Kaleidoscope Goggles from

TRILLVO: “You definitely found the silver lining from Hurricane Harvey. Where do you find inspiration?”

Melissa: “My inspiration comes from when I was a little girl coming from wanting to be a mermaid and/or unicorn and/or Spice Girl and basically just bringing that to life. Looking at a leather jacket that might be messed up and think to myself that would look so cool with sequin patches on it. My inspiration comes from looking at things and combining them together and creating something totally new.”

Cute AF Chokers from

TRILLVO: “That’s amazing! Speaking of creating what advice would you have for a young women aspiring to be an entrepreneur like yourself?”

Melissa: “Don’t give up and never get discouraged. Living the adult life trying to crush having a house, bills, full time job, etc. I’ll sometimes sit in my studio and think “What am I doing?!” and

Rule #1 – Follow your dreams
Rule #2 – Don’t give up
Rule #3 – Follow rule #1 and #2

Don’t ever get discouraged… There’s gonna be things that you’ll see that will discourage you but you have to remember evil and hate are all around us and evil and hate with ALWAYS try to throw you off course. You just have to keep on moving through it! Stat positive. If you have faith in it and believe in it your dream WILL become a reality”

Unicorn Desert Babe Bandana from

Melissa Jo and The Glitter Trove can often be found vending various events throughout Houston as well as through their Instagram and website. Be sure to keep up with Melissa and all of her glitter magic! We are so grateful for her time and contributions to the community!


Posted by:Sarah Dickens

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