Miami Music Week is finally here! If you’ll be joining the trove of DJs, industry professionals, and lovers of music, there is a lot in store. So much so that it can be a bit overwhelming. Don’t worry, we got your back. Follow our TRILL guide to all our top picks of where to party at.

Let’s go.

Tuesday 3.26.19


TONIGHT the homies ATLiens touchdown the mothership at The Hanger and they brought their whole planet with them. This is a easy choice to start your week off right…if of course you aren’t already partying down on South Beach or checked out Nitti Gritti & Friends last night.

Wednesday 3.27.19



Tuesday night Chocolate Puma takes Miami on a “Journey Through House” at the Shore Club that will be sure to keep your body grooving. If you want a little more bass with your house swing back to The Hanger for Ritual with Ghastly.

Thursday 3.28.19



Take a change of pace Thursday during the day at RVDIOVCTIVE Miami 2019 w/ Chris Lake & Justin Martin, among plenty of others, to keep your day vibes perfect into the night. Don’t bother going anywhere though cause OUR FAVORITE MMW showcase is right after, SPACE YACHT MIAMI. You already know how they bring the lineups…and the pizza. This is a can’t miss showcase.

Friday 3.29.19

4X4 PHASE I (1)

4X4 PHASE II (1)


Discover some new sounds over at Steve Lawler presents: Warriors Miami. Where you can get your fix for all types of sounds with this INSANELY diverse lineup. G Jones will also be doing his thing after Ultra if you’re still trying to be in your head after the fest.

Saturday 3.30.29



There is definitely no shortage of parties Saturday night. If you did need help in deciding though we HIGHLY recommend Destroy with Lazers, another one of our top showcases from last year. Setup for sleeper show of the week is Junkie Kid presents HARSH Records. We can tell you now the level of talent that his surprise guests always bring will be WILD.

Sunday 3.31.29


So you survived the weekend…and haven’t left Miami yet? Well end your MMW perfectly with none other than tchami and Malaa. Just dont smoke in the club and end up arrested.

Enjoy your MMW and party responsibly!

Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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