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Walking into BUKU the first thing you’re greeted by is a information booth and the locker station straight ahead. Put up your belongings, get any info you need and begin the journey into this truly mutlti-genre Music + Art project.

The art greets you fast.


Turning the corner to head to the festival grounds live painters are lined along the wall hard at work creating an experience one quick spray of an aerosol can at a time. Right past these artists was the entrance to the VIP area. The destination for all the EXCLUSIVE sets, including Jansten, Dabin, Charles the First and Kittens. You could also access the main stage VIP viewing rooftop from this point.  It was well worth the cost.

Walking out from VIP you come to The Power Plant, BUKU’s main stage, where Excision, A$AP Rocky, Lana Del Rey and of course Dog Blood took up residence. Leaving this area was the perfect meet up spot for all your friends, the Beacon. This area was the go to break spot for most crews and the grass provided a perfect place to sit after raging on the gravel from main stage. Bonus points for being right next to the food vendors.

The Switchyard was the next stop, drawing people in with two tiers of live painters on either side of the stage. A cube of fluctuating lights illuminated the water tanks making up the structure around the DJs. This was the spot for great vibes.

Travel across the train tracks and see the busy Mississippi River straight ahead, as barges float by blasting their airhorn for the people every so often. To the immediate right was our personal favorite stage, The Wharf. This year Buku made some MAJOR upgrades to the Wharf. With Whipped Cream, Liquid Stranger, Peekaboo, Getter and the boys from Gud Vibrations, NGHTMRE and Slander on the roster it was hard to tear yourself away from it.


The art bazaar lied ahead next. It is always great to see local and traveling merchants getting a chance out at these big fests and definitely provides a perfect break from the music. To the left of the Bazaar was the Ballroom. Buku’s very own nightclub where the energy stayed hype and over 9000 the entire time.


The final trek of the fest brings you to the Float Den. We had to take a moment to stop and admire all the MASSIVE floats and colorful art work lining the entrance. Needless to say the NOLA vibe was set the second you walked in here. The warehouse vibes were surely kept too with some of the hardest sets of the weekend going down in here, including G Jones, 1788-L and special shout out to the Louisiana boys Bawldy and Boarcrok for MURDERING their opening set of the fest.


A Few Set Notes:

Bawldy b2b Boarcrok – couldn’t have started the fest a better way. Set the bar VERY high for whats to come.

Peekaboo – WOW. Had a FULL audience at 4pm surprising even himself. Kept the energy the whole time. Dropped a collab with Bassnectar were dying for the release date on.

Fisher – Might not make originals but definitely knows how to work the crowd. One of the funniest, easiest to grove and dance to sets of the weekend.

Excision – He will always go hard. Seemed a little lower on energy though since he was going to travel back to Houston to play a headlining APEX Tour stop that same night.

From First to Last (DJ set) – Hard to even report on this one…let’s just say at one point one of them yelled “Im so drunk” in the mic and leave it at that…

1788-L – Took us on a journey through genres. Best way to describe it…there was your life before a 1788-L set and your life after a 1788-L set.

NGHTMRE b2b Slander – Started with about 5 straight minutes of pyro and never let that energy die the entire set. Legends doing their thing.

Whipped Cream – TRILLVO family and ALWAYS a must catch act at any fest. Brought some new visuals and new mashups.

Liquid Stranger – The King of Wakaan. This man is easily about to make 2019 his. Perfect set and vibes…EASY candidate for best set of the weekend.

Getter (Visceral Set) – Beautiful. Perfect sunset set. Played his old stuff at the end which seemed a little forced, unfortunately.

G Jones – Forget In Your Head he blew off everyone’s heads. Still can’t decide who won best set of the weekend G Jones or Liquid Stranger. Easily the top two.

Buku Music + Art Project brought the spirit of New Orleans alive. Art being intertwined into a stage, the grandiose floats, the special pop-up street performers nightly, as well as the looming abandoned power plant in the back, easily set the vibes. The music literally provides something for everyone, showing what is lost on production definitely isn’t lost in level of talent.

Till next year New Orleans!

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Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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