Hailing from the City of Angels, these two foos have been bringing the sounds of heavy and menacing dub for quite some time. Since 2011 to be exact. We asked them about what they produced before dub and what influenced them to start producing it.

“We made metal together, and literally dubstep just happened. Kevin learned to DJ and I (Ernest) began learning how to produce it. It was an obvious switch because it had similar aesthetics to what we were listening to before.”

With well-known tracks like ‘Biohazard,’ and VIPs on top of VIPS, they have been paving the way for dubstep producers to come out and into fruition.

Bloodthinnerz have already started off 2019 with a bang. They hit the ground running with the release of ‘Gravedigger’ on NSD:Black Label in the beginning of the year and are currently on an American tour for the EP. They just kicked off the tour last weekend in San Antonio, Texas at Paper Tiger.


They also used to also put out a mix series you may have heard of, Blood Chop. If you read our interview with GramGreene, you’ll recall this was a popular mix series that was almost lost to the internet. Check the article for the full story on that one.

We asked them if there’s one thing they wanna be known for what it is.

“We should be known for being those two vatos from the hood making loud noises or whatevers foo.”

Well we had to have these foos stop in Houston to do just that. This Friday they headline the Savage Society FIVE Year Anniversary Party. Space Yacht touches down in Space City for the first time ever in collaboration with Virtuosos and For the Musiq. With the history of the night already set, its definitely gonna be one you don’t want to miss out on…FOO!



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Posted by:Victoria Garces

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