Being co-founder of Savage Society since ’13 and putting out fuego since ’09, it’s safe to say Blankface has made waves throughout the entire electronic community. Considered a label but also a collective, Blankface (Salar Saedi) and SVGMAZE (Arthur Darbinyan) have helped pushed major boundaries as well as the envelope in terms of passion and talent.


Being the hard-working and passionate man he is, I had to ask how he remains consistent and at the top throughout the years, to which he replies:

“As you just said, its just being consistent in your work and of course, adapting. The scene shifts from time to time & leading the label, I’m always scouting for what’s up and coming. Anywhere from sound to marketing, the whole 9 yards that goes into artist development.”

Putting in the extra effort to find new and upcoming talent, Blankface has been able to repeatedly prove he can adapt and learn the newest craze taking over the bass-culture inside electronic music. However, even before that, he’s been on top of his game and hasn’t let the fame take away from his talent. Since 2009, Blankface has been putting out new and unique sounds that are refreshing and new to anyone who’s listened.

Of course, I had to ask if there was a defining moment for Blankface in terms of starting the grind, as well as finding out if it’s more stressful to stay on the top or the grind at the beginning. This is what he had to say:

“I would say after the quality of shows that were coming in is when I started to grind harder to be fair. Things do tend to get a little difficult when you are growing, especially at the position I’m in with managing the label as well. I do the best that I can.”


Be sure to check out Space Yacht Houston: Savage Society 5 Year Anniversary coming this Friday, April 5th, to have your mind blown and your head spinning. Make sure to also check out Blankface on his socials linked below.

Connect with Blankface

Soundcloud | Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

Posted by:Chase Wilson

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