Dive head first into The Divide. The build up is a whirlwind of sounds, glitching into the Cyclone. Briefly, a break beat keeps the drive going. A new darker melody develops over the craziness, leading into the spacey break that brings you to a ceremony in the stars. The journey begins and draws you back into the void of sound in a beautiful and completely different ending than anticipated. The beauty ending in a ominous echoing glitch.

A ticking clock fades out of existence as the ominousness returns and starts to build back up. Suddenly with a crash a echo enters, drawing you in with its mystery. The drop unleashes pure madness, bouncing your ear drums back and forth one wild sound at a time. As if being blindly drawn in to the depths by a sirens song, the echo returns once more. The drop hits even harder now as the journey has taken another turn creating The Divide. The track ends with a dark sunken vibe.

A light and airy build up gives off a sense of floating through the wreckage of the Divide. The melody is replicated over itself with different sounds as the track smoothly but rapidly gains speed. In a epic explosion of sounds the drop hits and leaves almost as quickly as it came in. Not leaving entirely though, it returns to draw you back in before things completely change. Right as you thought you had it all figured out the track completely flips and sets up whats to come next.

A deep foreboding sweep enters, setting the tone for the grande finale of this Space Odyssey. The astrological clock begins to tick once more in the background as a cryptic sound wave unfolds between two dimensions. The mystical vibe easily draws one in. The drop brings the Gud Vibrations full circle offering a brief reprieve before the darkness that is the infinity of space inevitably consumes back control. The ticking takes us out reminding us to breathe in and live in this moment of time.


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Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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