Nazaar carves his way with latest EP, Legacy, out now on Never Say Die: Black Label.

We asked him about the album and what it meant to him and his inspirations for it…

“The Legacy EP is a story of my journey, from place to place, glancing and always learning more. To each listener the story will be different, and this is my story. My inspiration, and often the theme of my music, is Pakistani/Afghani rooted scales. I am of Pakistani, Afghani heritage and I grew up in a very culturally strong house. My first language was Urdu, (derivative of Arabic) and I travel to Pakistan to this day every year twice a year. Not to mention I am also a first generation child of immigrants. This EP is extremely important to me as it sets me apart from the rest, and allows me to really showcase what I love, and the sound that I’ve been working on for a few years now. “

The first track, Gypsy, starts with a eerie voice talking about the blackest eyes, which sets the underlying theme of the album #EVILEYESZN. Next comes a mysterious build up with subtle string plucks underneath. Don’t be fooled though as the rest of the song completely slaps you right across the face.

 The next track starts off with what sounds like a space language being written for the first time. The build up acting as the Rosetta Stone transcribing the sounds. Upon fully deciphering them the bass drops in to drive the hidden message home. The EVIL EYE has opened.

The EP’s title track, Legacy is up next. NJ provides the powerful lyrics that just shout out IM HERE TO STAY. These lyrics keeping the energy building and building, embracing us to accept the takeover. Nazaar fully showcases his style on the absolutely WILD second drop.

Nazaar’s Pakistani/Afghani roots start the vibe off as they slowly evolve into his own electronic stylings. A chant puts us into a trance, providing a calm before the storm. The track provides the perfect showcase of Nazaar’s signature style that is sure to catch hold.

The final track, Whiplash, starts by carrying on the same Pakistani/Afghani vibes to set the mood. Don’t take the song name lightly though. Its more of a warning label than song name, as the second drop completely flips on its own head that will 100% leave you in a neck brace.

We’re excited to follow Nazaar’s sure to be bright future ahead and can’t wait to hear more of his signature style. The style that he’s been perfecting and mastering the past years is finally here and it’s not going anywhere.

#EVILEYESZN is upon us.


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Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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