First we had a guest mix with him, then we had an exclusive track release, and now we at Trillvo have the honor of releasing this exclusive interview with Ponzoo. Making waves as a Dj/producer in the bass music scene, it was an honor getting a chance to talk to him. Check out what he had to say below.


What inspired you to create “The End?”

The song actually started out as a remix, I feel a lot of my peers go through this process at times. For whatever reason I couldn’t put the track out, and it didn’t sound right just as an instrumental. I decided to scrap the bulk of it, but keep some elements of the drop the same. So I found the vocal I wanted to use, put on some effects to make it sound more interesting, fixing the pitch and whatnot. On top of that I wanted a synthwave vibe to add a twist to the track. I’ve always loved 80’s synthwave, my mom played a lot of 80s music around the house when I was a kid.

What kind of music got you interested in producing?

This may sound kind of textbook but the first time I heard “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” by Skrillex really made me say “what the fuck”. I first heard it at my buddy Christian’s house (now known as graves), he played it for me and it was just the craziest shit ever. At first I didn’t even understand it, it took me a while to actually digest that album, and I became infatuated with it. I really think that word [infatuated] is a major keyword. At that point I started writing a bunch of cheesy dubstep project ideas, just like what a lot of people probably did, trying to emulate what Skrillex did. Haha good times.

You have an upcoming track with DJ Romar and Lil Debbie, a very talented rapper. What can you tell us about what to expect and how it was working with her?

Lil Debbie has been killing it of course. She’s amazing. So basically my manager and her manager go way back and he wanted to see if we could connect, see what I could do as far as tracks to send over. Romar and I sent one over, they loved it, she recorded vocals over the song. It was so much more lit than I thought it was gonna be that we actually just ended up completely scrapping the whole beat, and made another separate one that works completely around Lil Debbie’s vocals. The original is trash compared to the final version. 

I love seeing more women succeed in this industry. It’s such a male-dominated field, and it’s great seeing her, and DJ friends of mine such as Wenzday, Callie Reiff and more just killing the game. I’ve heard stories firsthand about guys treating female artists like trash and it’s disgusting. If you’re talented and have good ideas you can succeed in the music industry, and it’s important not just for little boys to have people to look up to but the little girls to have those role models too.

How did you first meet with your manager, Clinton Sparks? 

Clinton is fucking phenomenal. He’s amazing. Long story short, I was doing pop production for a team at a well known studio here in LA, and we were both in the kitchen, eating cookies, and a buddy of mine introduced us, (shoutout to MZ). We started talking, found out we had more mutual friends, exchanged info, and went from there. We sent ideas and tracks back and forth, and worked on a bunch of hip-hop tracks together. In September of 2017 Cardi B’s Bodak Yellow came out, and I was working on a remix of it. I sent it to Clinton, and told him I was gonna release it the week after. Clinton said “Yo this is fucking sick.” At that point he started asking questions about my career. Up until that point we were production partners, but after he heard that remix he said he wanted to manage me as an artist, I said of course. Starting from there he’s been my manager and a really good friend. He’s like a big brother to me. He’s helped the careers of so many like DJ Snake, Tchami and so many more so he knows what he’s doing in both hip hop and electronic music. 

Where do you see the electronic music industry right now and in the future?

I see a lot more experimentation going on, a lot more blending of genres. From a production standpoint it’s going to just get bigger with the blending of samples and new plugins popping up every day, splice & ofcourse Native Instruments Sounds platforms (which I have a number of my own sample packs available on), it’s just going to get better, bigger and more collaborative. Things are gonna get more creative down the road. Throwback sounds are coming back too, with artists putting their own spin on it.


Artists like Troyboi, UZ, and Carmack are young legends who are going to not only keep winning by being unique but inspire others to be unique as well. It’s just going to keep getting more diverse. I’m excited to see where it’ll go. 

What is one interesting thing on your bucket list?

I want to make the hardest fucking trap beat while on a floating pink flamingo in some swimming pool in Santorini, Greece. Yeeeee! 

What is the furthest underwater that you’ll go?

Far enough to swim and have fun but not enough to where sharks go. I know probably all there is to know about sharks, that being said, I’ll just stay on the shallow end of a swimming pool my g! 

What is a hot dog? Is it a taco or a sandwich?

It depends on how you eat it. If you eat the hot dog the way it’s supposed to be eaten then I would consider it America’s taco. If you’re a crazy person and you eat it from the middle, then it’s a sandwich. 

On top of that, would that make a corn dog a calzone?

That would make a corn dog either a calzone or an American Chimichanga.

While on the topic of food, what is your favorite food to eat at home?

I don’t cook the only thing I know how to make are peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. If I’m going out to eat I’d do sushi or tacos. 

Are there any people that you’ve been surprised are fans of your music?

Without singling out any artists, since there have been quite a few lately, I’ll say this. I’m always surprised whenever anybody likes my music, and I mean that in the best possible way. I’m always amazed when I get DMs from people in other countries. Someone across the world actually listened to something I made on a laptop, in a dark room. It’s an amazing feeling when someone says that one of my tracks means something to them, it’s why I love doing this.

Is there anything else you want to say to your fans, friends, or haters?

If you don’t like me, Trillvo, or this interview, you probably eat hot dogs like sandwiches.

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