In our latest guest mix we linked up with Holly Woods, who has more than a bright future ahead of her. She takes us on a journey of beauty and destruction with this mix, starting with her latest track “Oblivion” to set the tone. Listen to the mix and check out our interview to get to know her, and her dog, even more!

Track List:

Oblivion – Holly Woods
Hemlock – Herbalistek x Allen Mock
Ignite – Anki
Jaguar – What So Not (Wurso Mix Changed)
Noise – LAXX
Language – Porter Robinson (Zankyou Remix)
Disarm You – Kaskade (Prismo Remix)
Disarm You x Into Ovblivion – Kaskade x Eclipse & Xavi (Holly Woods Edit)
Numinous – Holly Woods
Titan – Krane (JayKode Remix)
Reims – RL Grime (luude Flip)
Akari – Infinity
Lone – What So Not (Slow Hours Remix)
Rainer – RL Grime
Malevolent – Chow Chow
Takeover – Blush
io repeat – Shirou Novaleinn & FIFTH DREAM PARALLEL
Arcus – RL Grime (Just A Tune Flip)
Easy – Porter Robinson (Holly Woods Remix)

Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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