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Wakaan does it again.

Last week, on April 12, LSDream released his sophomore album in a very intimate live stream to his fans. He spoke on what each track meant to him and his personal meaning and message behind the album. We payed close attention to present the love some may have missed out on from the stream.

If you’ve been paying attention to LSDream, or anyone from Wakaan, you’ve likely heard this track already. This track represents a alien preparing to take us humans on a cosmic journey into the astral dimension.

In the stream we were told the album itself represents the world between worlds. The dimension where love, light and happiness exist. The “renegades” being those making the outward journey of harmonic defiance. The journey representing the alignment of these cosmic vibrations to express the inner energy in us all. Hello Human does a perfect job to prep us for this journey.

Expand the Universe is the start of the journey through this wormhole of positivity. The track invites us into the fifth dimension as it unfolds the imperceptible. Sensory overload occurs and our familiar alien friend reminds us to continue onward. The track comes to a close reminding us that the word “universe” means “one song.”

We are all connected.

If you were at Beyond Wonderland you may have heard Rezz give this tune some love already. Our journey takes a quick pit stop in this hip-hop inspired groove. Fittingly, the track was actually made and completed in the back room of the tour bus on the Infinity Tour.

Picking back up on our voyage “Reflection” offers a lifeline to our newly developing senses. Open your eyes, the track reminds us just as the madness of incomprehension for this new dimension develops. The need to fear the unknown is torn away.

“Shadow Self represents the understanding that we all have a dark side. You have to know this darkness to know your light. The vocals in the beginning represent my own personal darkness.” – LSDream

Reflection offers the perfect setup for Shadow Self’s realization of the preprogrammed super ego. It acknowledges and invites us to fully embrace our own self, faults and all, and promotes personal love.

Easily my personal favorite track of the album, White Magic stands for pure positivity.

“White Magic is the power to manifest what you want. It all starts with your own vibe. The song was made to send out energy into the world.” – LSDream

To me the track is a beacon for the Renegades of Light. Reminding us all to love and support each other. When the Earth is truly united nothing but magic can occur.

Another one you’re probably already familiar with, Eternal Now. This track has a feeling of triumph. The triumph being our complete acceptance of the new dimension and awakening of the third eye. Our alien guide’s mission has been completed.

Just like a “Phoenix” we have all now been reborn. The power of rebirth representing living in the present moment.

There is no past, there is no future, only NOW.

LSDream couldnt have all the fun on the album though, with I AM BASS LSDream’s other persona, Brillz, comes out to play. During the live stream JC Fletes described it perfectly with his comment “the bass hits a higher self frequency.” This frequency being both personas seamless integration into one another.

Our tour guide activates the light speed to begin our voyage back to Earth.

The journey home ensues as were eased back into reality with this spiritual track. The lyrics from Sarah Hudson, LSDreams wife, soothingly prepares us for a meditative state. A mantra is repeated over to transition us back into our own dimension.

“I wanted to send a message out to the world. Close your eyes as you listen to this song. It is about passing on what I have learned, there is no manual to being human, we only have each other. The world needs positivity, the world needs YOU.” – LSDream

The journey has come to a close. We are back home with a new found perception on the universe and life. We are all now members of the family of light. Go forth and spread this newly learned positivity to the world.


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