Texas natives GIZMØ and Tek Savvy come together effortlessly on Benny Mayne‘s “Lucky“, transforming it into a smooth, playlist-pleasing mid-tempo track. The pair had their work cut out for them with remixing the Toronto-born star’s R&B sound into mid-tempo, but executed without fail. With a unique sound and a unique vision, the pair’s track could be coming to a main stage near you.

Catching up with GIZMØ, I wanted to ask him where the pair drew inspiration from. GIZMØ said:

Bro, this remix was honestly Whipped Cream inspired as fuck hahaha. I know she loves mid-tempo, and Benny Mayne and her have the same manager. We were just like, “well there’s a huge chance Whipped Cream is gonna hear this,”  and I know for a fact she likes mid tempo. Yeah, that’s how it happened tbh.”

Of course, after getting this from GIZMØ, I had to go back and listen again. I’ll be honest, this is 500% something I’d expect to hear in Queen Cream’s set. From the very first couple of seconds to the very end, you’re captivated. From the very first drop, you’re completely tossed and rolled in bass. For the pair’s very first track together, we’re already hoping to hear more.

Connect with GIZMØ 

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Tek Savvy

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Posted by:Chase Wilson

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