Written by: Michael Placencia

Ah, “Mr. Brightside”. A classic. Arguably one of The Killers’ best songs (if not THE best song) in their entire repertoire. But what happens when you combine this classic song with the gritty style only Xwire can bring? One big explosion of greatness. After a month of memes leading up to the remix, (which you can see down below) Xwire has finally bestowed upon us his version of Mr. Brightside.

The Remix begins with that addicting guitar riff. The original vocals accompany it as you’re given the actual song…only until those claps come in to forewarn what’s to come. A very electronically/techy Riddim drop emanates a power that just amps you up.

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What’s really appreciated here are the Drum & Bass undertones you hear after the 2nd drop as it leads us straight into the 2nd Riddim drop. The way the original song closes out as it began really make the entire remix come full circle. If you’re a fan of The Killers, this remix is definitely worth listening to.

We got to ask Xwire (aka Xavier Diaz) a few questions about his remix. Here’s what he had to say:

How would you describe your remix?

My remix was inspired after reading further into why Brandon Flowers (the vocalist) came up with the lyrics for the song. His girlfriend cheated on him and I started diving more into the history of them. The creation of the band, to “Mr. Brightside” being the first ever song they wrote as The Killers, to how Brandon loves to sing his old stuff even to this day.”

What inspired you to remix Mr. Brightside?

“Funny story, I didn’t know what the song was called until about 2 months ago when I was just listening to throwback songs with my roommates and they suggested I play it next. Trust me when I say, when I heard it and FINALLY realized what it was called, I had it on repeat for DAYS. Afterwards I decided I wanted to remix this to throw it into my sets, to bring back some of the throwback music into the new music I’m into now.”

For more Xwire, follow him on his socials below:

Soundcloud |Twitter |Instagram

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