Written by Zakariya Aslane

DJ Snake has brought together some of the top rap and hip-hop artists in the game currently all together on one track.  The track’s title, “Enzo,” comes from inspiration of the illest whips you can imagine from Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and the smooth Mercedes Benz when you make it big in the music industry.

Sheck Wes lays it down on the chorus and brings the hype like he always does.  Then we are thrown off balance by Offset’s smooth and slick flow like butter.  Next up is the slaughter gang don himself, 21 Savage, doing his classic lyrical flow. But also his quick jab ad-libs were a nice touch that had me constantly saying them in my head.  The final versus was done by none other than Mr. Guwop himself, Gucci Mane.  If you are fan of Gucci, regardless of when you started to listen to his music, this verse will make fans of all ages bop.  The trap music pioneer is the mic drop to the end of an insane collaboration.

DJ Snake has become a producer that does not feel the bounds of staying within a single genre.  There is not any type of genre or sub genre he will not attempt to take a crack at.  Hip-hop and rap are two genres that he has stepped in before with unreal outcomes and this just confirms it once again.

Posted by:Zak Aslane

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