Baltimore-native and East Coast Bass-machine Runnit¬†just dropped one of the most bass-ridden songs of the year with his flip of Dog Blood‘s “Turn Off The Lights.”¬†Runnit‘s ability to incorporate different sounds, and his own special sound that’s already different from what you normally hear, go hand-in-hand on this track. It creates a get-out-your-seat atmosphere that can still make that lip curl. With Runnit going on a spree this month putting out 3 heaters, it was to be expected that his new flip would continue the vibe he’s set – and boy does he ever.

In just the first opening seconds you’re met with a rising snare and repeating vocal that’ll have you ready for what’s coming in about 30 seconds. The build-up changes both of these, creating a new sound with the same vibe and foreshadows the drop in a jaw-dropping way. Runnit‘s drop has a completely different taste to it than what you might normally hear, and we mean that in a good way. With his forward-thinking and innovative abilities, Runnit just created your brand new playlist popper.

Be sure to check him out on his socials below, and click that play button to give your ears a snack. Treat yourself.

Connect with Runnit

Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram | Spotify

Posted by:Chase Wilson

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