Written by CiCi Bianchini” 

When Purge’s management reached out to me in regards to his newest project with Deiv “Never Let This Go”; a song that bears the raw emotion about depression, anxiety and addiction; I immediately agreed to write a review. After watching the music video to the song, I broke down in tears as it was one of the realist videos I’ve seen since Logics 1800.

As many of you know, I am very opened about my past addictions, my anxiety and depression. I feel like being opened shows I’m not weak, even if I think I am, and that I’m out here kicking ass, despite what the voices are telling me. I have a voice that I channel through writing, like Purge and Deiv use

through music.

“ I’ve always set out to do more than just music. Music has always been the platform for me to have a voice and to bring awareness to social issues and especially mental health. The initial reaction we got from the video was that it was pretty hard to watch but that’s the reality of people’s lives. It’s something I went through when I was younger and it’s something I’m extremely passionate about spreading awareness about. Our goal is to reach at least one person and help at least one person struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts.” – PURGE

This song is so beautiful from start to finish, but the message behind it is even more beautiful. When I got the back story on the song, I couldn’t help but feel like Deiv wrote this song about my day to day struggles and the past struggles. But he had really wrote it for his brother, who had a terrible accident which almost cost him his life.

“ I wrote this song to let him know that things were going to get better, to not give up, and to know that no matter what I wasn’t giving up on him”

The boys are hoping their message helps someone, even if it’s just one person, they feel like their mission was a success. “For those reading this, I want you to know that life does get better, I’m not sure what you’re going through, and I can’t tell you I’ve been there, but know that there are a ton of humans that love you unconditionally, and that together we can get through the hardest of times.”

My favorite part about this whole video is the message at the end. We see a young artist revealing her painting, a semi colon. Actually, everyone in this videos reveals the semicolon in some type of way. A semicolon is used when an author could’ve chosen to end their sentence, but didn’t. The author is you and the semicolon is you. I have a semicolon tattoo because I’ve struggled with suicide before, even had the demon face me a few weeks ago; and I have also lost my sister/best friend to suicide. It reminds me that I’m writing a novel, with many chapters and not a short story. It also gives me that feelings like I’m continuing to live Brandi’s life and tell her story. I encourage everyone that’s sees a person with a semicolon tattoo; tell them they are amazing, special, smile, do something to remind them why they keep fighting. Life truly is beautiful.

Brandi, your story isn’t over ;

Purge is very opened on his struggles with anxiety and doesn’t let that hold him back from creating beautiful music. To him, this song is just the beginning of many projects that’ll express awareness of mental health and other social issues that everyday people go through.

What is something you hope to learn about yourself with this video? 

I definitely learned more about patience with this whole project. We’ve been sitting on this song for about a year now! It showed me that having a purpose is so much more gratifying and fulfilling to me, as an artist, rather than releasing more music as quickly as I can. I care about more things in life than just becoming a successful artist, I want to do things that make an impact in my community and that influence other people to make the same positive steps towards our evolution as humans. This project has definitely taught me that I have the platform to do more and I should.

Purge and his anxiety ego

As someone who suffers from anxiety, how does it affect your availability to perform? With that being said, how are you able to tone it out?

I don’t think it effects my ability to perform at all. Performing is almost like a therapy to me. I kind of lose myself in this world of generating a vibe for people to have the most amount of fun they can have. It’s the same thing with creating a song too. It just takes so much focus that once you’re doing it, you feel like you have so much purpose. Where I suffer is in building relationships. Especially important relationships in the industry or with other artists. It seems like all these artists I’d love to work with and get to know are so strong mentally and they have this infinite amount of confidence. I am terribly shy around strangers. I never say the right things to make a good first impression. I never laugh at the right times. I’m not good at showing my appreciation. I am so extremely awful at making friends or approaching people that I want to talk to. The people I am close with got there because they understand that about me and they have looked passed that. It took way too many years to build up the kind of strength you need to not be hurt by things like that but I feel like I have so much purpose now. Making music and using the platform to help people. I also have like my own anxiety attack prevention steps. It probably takes a lot of energy to be close to me and I appreciate the people that are so much.

Random question but hey those are the best: 

If you were locked in a room with Gucci or Jeezy and you had to pick one of them to create a song to create world peace, who are you choosing?

THIS is a tough question haha. Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy are both voices of massive generations. I think I would pick Gucci though. I happen to follow hip hop culture quite a bit and I’m constantly watching interviews and what not of hip hop artists and what I’ve noticed is Gucci taking this extremely positive route in life. I think new Gucci would want to do something more with music if the ideas were put in front of him.

I just hope this video can at least reach one person, if we can help just a single person, our mission was a success. For those reading this, I want you to know that life does get better, I’m not sure what you’re going through, and I can’t tell you I’ve been there, but know that there are a ton of humans that love you unconditionally, and that together we can get through the hardest of times.”DEIV

Click here to watch this amazing video 🖤

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